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First of all, my mom hates my spending of time on the laptop and computer, neither she likes me hanging on the phone.nor does my neighbors like me hanging over the phone, guess what neighbors, i don't care, and mom, i know that you don't like it. Know, i do think of it.

Yesterday night was a hectic one, i had nothing to do, and i just thought of myself, yeah yeah, about myself. and seriously speaking i was / am worried about my future. school days, i was one of the so called "toppers", one among the good students, the noted one.. and i did pass out from class 10 with a 90 pc. and then life took its turn,everything upside down, joined Kendriya Vidyalaya, it was my decision against all odds, mom didn't want me to go there, but i believed that i was competent enough, and with a new pc for me at home, life turned all around, addicted to the web world i became, but still i managed to get passed to 12th and it marked the highest downfall of my life till now. i passed out form 12th with a 59.6 pc, making it sure that i wont be able to join any public sector company, and then came the entrance tests, and the results, awesome, i purchased a bike with my rank.

what a progress in my levels, from 90 pc to 60 pc, from the toppers list to the weak students list.. none to blame though. and amrutha, your name shall always be remembered when ever i say KV or Kendriya Vidyalaya. The only mistake i did(that i admit as a mistake) was misreading you, friend.There is no point in apologizing now, but still, girl, i was too immature.and then after a lot of requests, and requests, i got enrolled to TASC, as a student of B Sc Electronics, guess what, i couldn't get enrolled anywhere else for the grades i had, and well, this is for you mom, i wanted to get the hell out of Kerala(what a dream, 59 % and out of Kerala, man, dreams have no limits).. and i still pursue my graduation here. so future, that what kept me thinking yesterday..

future, future and future, next year, i will graduate as an electronics student, and i know its not my subject. i wanted to do JPEng at Christ University, just because its at my favourite place, Bangalore, and i like English literature( please don't ask me about the kingpins of it, am unaware, its just that i like the subject, and i do not go by the grammatical ways).and with my mom fearing that i will again ruin myself by going away from there, i became a day-scholar. no complaints..

what to choose next? B Sc Electronics, well, i am content, but i am no more into science. English or journalism is what i think of doing. but is there any scope of a job? a stable job? any one there to guide me? this is what kept me thinking, a job, salary, and a job.. i hope its high time that i think about it, turning 20 next month, and i guess, i got to think of it.. any one to guide me, which path to select and travel? certainly not science.

what? my interests? ah, here you go, English literature, journalism, politics, photography and travelling.what? define me? emotional, family bound( a lil though, love you mom), a lil obnoxious, friends matter, and i do not repent much on my past, dreamy, risk taking? not always, a blabber mouth, and i am good looking, at least when i see the mirror for myself.what? authoring? are you crazy? i have seen and known people who says, i want to be a published author one day, but man, i know what my limitations are. i make nothing, poems? well, i admire Jinju for that craft.. girl, i love your poems, Rugma as well, if she had produced some more of them.( of my age group i am talking about).

Any one to guide the right path? any suggestions? i can lend you my ears, not necessarily that i will go by them, basically, i obey my instincts. :P

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ranjitha said...

nice innocent post.. i remember the times when i had the same confusions in mind.. wat to do in future.. dont worry dear, this happens with all guys,ie 12th il onnu uzhappum, its no crime.. bt u got enough and more time to catch up.. PSU kyon chahiye waise bhi, MNC s are waiting na!! thou me myself is in a PSU :P

Iniyum varam.. will read one by one later bro!

deeps said...

christ what?
well, there is a Christ College in bangalore, give the scoring perc, you could get in there .. and they offer the kind of courses your interest can buy ... go buddy ..
or there is chennai Loyola or mumbai st xaviors ... thse are some campuses i have been around ...

Uncertain Princess said...

wel ma momie 2 hates me hanging n phone n browsing n net..bt seriusly i cant help t..sorry mom!!

Shravan RN said...

@ deeps
yups christ colg formerly, and now chrisy university, well the choice is no more a choice :) must have been selected 2 years before.
will see for highers. :D

@ princess
same pinch.

Rakesh said...

shraavan mon,
njaan innanu thante blog kandath.so nice...innocent...are you serious about writing? njaanum englishil ezhuthuka enna mohavumaayi alla bhraanthumaayi natakkunna aal thanne.ippol englishil blogukal onnumilla.thutanganam.thanikk nalla future und aniyaa....keep it up...
and read heavily.....nalla plaanning venam innaththe writinginu...ath eppol oru profession aanallo....
all the best...
veendu varaam....
oru chettan

Shravan said...

@ വേറിട്ട ശബ്ദം
thank you soo much for the visit and even more for the comment, and about writing, serious aano ennu chodicha enikku arinjoodaaa.. njan ithu vare onnum plan cheythu ezhutitilla.. everything happens at the right moment for me :) just thate the words and lines come through :))

and vayana, angine oru sambhavamee ente lifil illa.. eppo 3 varsham aayittu library membership polum illa :0 aake vayikkunantu kurachu blogs maatram..

thanks once again chettaaa

Mahesh Sindbandge said...

Seriously i am not aright person to ask this... :)

But still all the best... :)

arjun sagar said...

Shravan, give me your mobile number, just felt like talking to you once; you are not seen online these days (infact I'm less frequent. - mail.arjunsagar@gmail.com

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