Shall Be Tombed..

You are the reason for every blood drop i spilled
everytime i cared for you,you bruised me.
plunged my strings of beat,yet i lived till now
burned my veins in every act,yet i trusted you

Knew i,i made it to you,clear, on my life..
you burned even the ashes,yet i cared,with hope..
now i know, all in vein, i cleared you things, hardly.
and this moment,broken are the strings binding.

You are the reason for every blood i spilled,
but i made the reason you,though never said you.
came you when i needed,left you when you needed,
yet, i wait for you, to learn from my life.

Your place shall ever be tombed, as now, as ever
tombed to death if you left with mean
tombed to remember if you left to return.
these, mark my final words to you dear..

and you are it,
the bloody otherside of I
the bloody other side of I

PS: I need this blog, whether it be exams, life, what ever, i need this blog, and i am back.. this is where i live as i, where my emotions and feelings are poured, and now i am badly in need of tissue papers. and i know this blog would just serve the purpose..
Peace! obnoxious mind's emotional outpourings !
PPS: if giving away my life is the only cure, i am ready to do it, but still, i just have a single soul, single body, one half want to die for the faults, and the other want to live for the rest.. just to correct the mistakes and get going, but the fight is on, whether or whether not, lets give it a try buddy. life or death, as it comes to you. live for the moment.
no relationship would go life long, everything has to end someday or the other day,


the obnoxious mind's emotional outpourings.

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Mahesh Sindbandge said...

Hmmmm first of all this peice of poetry is too senti yaar...

Seems like its written by one who is badly hurted, cheated in LOVE...
nevertheless let me ask, is it you ?

share your story sometime yaar...

I would be gald to listen to it..:)

hope our comments act as tissue papers..:)

Keep blogging...

Shravan RN said...

badly hurt me and badly hurt the onw who cared really, and love,not cheated though, things are in tact. but still i hurt the one who loved me and cared me like a brother.

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