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Do not bother about the people in your past, there is a reason why they did not make it to the present. Do bother about the people in your present, there may be a reason, why you want them to make it to the future.

PS:1. nothing personal. my ashes of the past, my roots of the present and the dreams of future are in tact with me.
2. One more update on today : After-Before or Before-After beneath this post.

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Suмα | സുമ said...

title ഇടെടാ...
Its good.. :)

Mahesh Sindbandge said...

Its beuatiful shravan....
made me think..:)

keep posting such stuffs...

WarmSunshine said...

You know, I've seen this line before. It's supposed to comfort me, but somehow it doesn't. It has such a sad touch to it when it goes like "there's a reason they did not make it to your future"...

Some bonds are just too beautiful for you to ever think that way! And that's where the sadness lies.

Shravan RN said...

@ Chechi
"titled" :P :D

@ Mahesh
thanks to the one who sparked this thought.

@ Mehreen
Absolute perfect! there are some bonds that everyone would want to carry on till their end, and there after even.. but at some point of time, situations like this are essential, sadly though.

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