The MCB Award

As i said in the previous post, the Obnoxious Mind has introduced the My Choice Blogger Award, also called the MCB Award. Now its time to felicitate the bloggers of the OM's Choice.
and here it goes :
The First Three
Rahul Anand or Eternal Thinker, for his blogs design and support.
Rugma for the support
Sneha for her awesome and thoughtful blog.
The Second Three
Jinju for her poems.
Meera for the way she writes.
Ayesha, for her devotion in god and inspiring posts.

and finally if these people have a heart to accept the award from this novice blogger:
The Pink Orchid for spontaneity in blogging.
Mr. K P for his stories
Lakshmi akka for being the most supportive comment, and for her poems.

and now, its your turn..follow the rules :
1. You are awarded, it is to be on display, and you are to pass it on
2. You are to pass it on to 3 bloggers of your choice
3.You may back link the person who awarded you by providing a link to the award image, though its not compulsory.

and here is the award to copy and display..

Quick update : Feel like awarding more than three people? multiples of three can be done. Feel like keeping the award to youself since the poeple you want to award are already awarded? you are free to keep i for yourself. Cheers

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the pink orchid said...

Hey shravan... how kind of you to have chosen me for this award.. thank you sooooooooo much..

i am no big shot so don't address me like that..i prefer being a friend..:)

my only problem is with passing it on to 3 people.. :( how will I choose.. I read all the blogs I follow.. so many of them are my blogger buddies and rest of them superb bloggers..it includes you too..

I am just gonna display the award on my sidebar...i am gonna do awards on my 100th post and will pass it on then...trust me i'd be giving this to more than 3 people..forgive me for that buddy..:)

hope you don't mind :(

Ayesha Parveen said...

Hi Shravan,

Thank you so much for awarding me. As you have said, our views may be different at times, but I believe in being myself :)

Thanks once again. God bless you.


Sneha said...

Thanks a million tons for the award I am flattered.
I am very sorry for not being often to to blog because of my college.:)
but i will read all your post these weekend for sure.:)
have a nice and a bright day ahead.
keep smiling and stay happy.:)

Meera said...

Hey thanks so much!I have put the badge on my blog.
Thanks again:)

KParthasarathi said...

I hv decorated my blog with your prestigious award.Thanks

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