I Seek Of, But Not Dream Of...

i dream of no corporate job
no multi millionaire nor any beaches
i dream of no luxuries in life
no travel to Paris nor of dream even.
i dream of no love shared,
no care given and taken,
i dream of no life lived,
i seek, i seek of living my life,
as it comes to me, and when.
i seek of peace, and i seek of me.
in the end, i dream of nothing,
i just seek of a way to exist,
to the next dawn and to its dusk,
and for, to exist, i seek, not dream,
to have a stomach half filled.

PS : there is one more post below this as today's update. hope you see it as well.

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V Rakesh said...

Reality at its best!

Little Girl Lost said...

i seek of living my life,
as it comes to me, and when.
i seek of peace, and i seek of me...
those were my favourite lines. deliciously brooding, shravan. :) loved it.
but i can't read the blog below. i think the font is not supported or something. is it in malayalam?

Rakesh said...

so nice.....

KParthasarathi said...

I like the way you express yourself in poetic form.A nice post that I enjoyed reading three times to savour its beauty

Shravan RN said...

@ Rakesh bhai
said it right away

@ Amrita
thank you so much :)

@ Rakesh Divakar
:) :D

@ KP Sir

thank you soo much for this appreciation.

in the end, Amrita & KP Sir, you people made my day.

Ayesha Parveen said...

A nice one, Shravan. But what is the harm in dreaming? I dream a lot and God, in His grace, fulfils my dreams.

Let us have the faith that God does love us.

Cheers :)

Anorak said...

It turned the mirror on my face....I know u dont like movies....but still I would recommend u to watch...'Into the Wild'....U won't regret.....that's what I felt when i went through ur post....keep walking!!!

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