Girl, I Still Love you...

when i think of you,comes to my mind,
the wonderful smile and the wink ,first..
the second, would be your adorable laugh
and i can go on and on,an endless list..

when i looked at you, i saw,the overflowing love,
the hope, care and joy, but now? i know not..
i found charm, strength, happiness and dignity,
and with these wonderful qualities, you changed my world..

but when i think of the short time,of,
the happy memories, it amazes me to no end..
we have been together,the happiness shared,
and i can go on and on, an endless streak..

its no wonder, that i am still loving you,
but now, i know, you cant be mine..
i thought, we were meant to be together,
but now, i realize, that was just a day dream..

PS: I hope that you see the previous post and advice me, thank you.

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V Rakesh said...

Via this post, I saw myself a few years ago! ;)

zenana said...

we can't have all our dreams..but these are sweet memories which sometimes make us realise the real 'me' with in us..we all go throgh it,don't we :):)??

enjoy ur life to the fullest ...:)

Ayesha Parveen said...

A poem that expresses heart-break.
Cheer up, Shravan.

Little Girl Lost said...

beautiful. and so sad...
sometimes its only when you've lost somebody you love that you begin to realize how precious love is, and how important it is to preserve it.
thank you for visitng my blog and sharing my angst (at idiotic forwards i mean :) )
if u liked the blog please do become a follower so that you'll be able to read whenever i write next and give more funny feedback.
i'll definately keep coming here. ur writing is almost addictive :)

Mahesh Sindbandge said...

That was touching....

Good poetry it is...:)

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