Behind the doors You stood;
Blinking and staring at me.
Heads down, and a smile You own.
In my chair i sat, heads up;
Waiting for You to enter and hug.
Stood there, You, in delirium,
If to enter or not to.
Hours passed and You stood still;
And in the dusk, I reclined;
Closed I, my eyes, to rest, for,
They were tired, of looking at You.
And then, You came, closed to me;
And You left without a word;
I, lay there, in the chair, statued,
With a heart, that is longing to beat again.

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..Rugma.. said...

nice poem....
i like the way u form lines....evn though broken i can gt da essence....i thnk dats a style u own...
nice goin....n sorry 4 nt commentin 4 a while.....
god bless!!!

workhard said...

That is a nice poem but has a depressing aura...

Haiku Poems

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