Whether to

the choice laid in front of i-
two of them, immortality and death.
in delirium i stood, whether to.
sleepless, i thought, whether to.
yet the conclusion not made.
the coin i spinned to see, it-
stood there in the plane, pointless.
the sand in the glass filtered out
the time came to decide,indicated.
as always, i followed my way,-
closed my eyes and thought.
the choice elected, death.
immortality through death, my choice.
decayed my sinned body, but,
glorified my humane soul.
mortal i am, mortal i be,
i leave my earthly body behind.
yet, let me be unlamented,
for immortality; my soul achieved..

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DUBU said...

quite an interesting composition with an in-depth meaning!

..Rugma.. said...

thoughts are burried deep inside the poem...
nice shravan....
u can simply do it....

zenana said...

have u ever read Dryden's poems....you hold similar thoughts shravan...

so,what is final decision after the prolonged pondering on immortality and death :)

both are wonderful...may be in its own way....

Shravan RN said...

@ Dubu
thank you.

@ Rugma

@ Zenana
you made my day :) and the final decision, immortality through death :D

Shravan RN said...

A beautiful poem, Shravan. The final message we get from life is Immortality. Death is just like moving from one room to another.

Best wishes and have a nice day:)


(via mail, as she is facing problems with my comment box.)

Sneha said...

I second Rugma.
very deep and meaningful.
keep the good work going.
Take care.

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