the downward graph

with the world changing rapidly and the economic and financial alternations, i too did decide to invest, and it was a studied investment.. an investment made after thoughts and thoughts, but now, i see my investment graph growing downward, and i am to blame no-one. i took note of no-one's advice, though they where in the field for long.. now as my graph grows downward, i have nothing else to do that to curse my investment in the market, and hope that the bull comes once again and vanishes the beer...

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Shravan RN said...

didnt understand a word right? same with me..guess i got to know me better, and you too, if in a delirium..

Ayesha Parveen said...

Ups and downs are always there in life; cheers, Shravan :)

Sneha said...

wish u good luck in your life
stay happy

Fantasies of a Lifetime said...

ah I miss the bull too, and the pre-recession days :-(

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