Abandoned Girl

- Rugma nambiar, a friend of mine, was my tuition mate during my school days. we have had enough of arguments and fights, never did i know then that she has this flair of writing.love the topics she pick to write, and she is the one who first started commenting on my blog. who asked me to keep on writing even when i was in complete mood off. thank you for the support rugma.without those, the blogger in i would have been dead by now.read her blog here.

I happen to see a photograph with a caption "Resident Medical Officer of Coimbatore Medical College hospital P.Siveprakasam hands over an abandoned girl child to a representative of Peace Society, an orphanage near Coimbatore" in The Hindu on 12th march. I would firstly be thankful to all related to this deed since the girl child is in safe hands. I would secondly turn my back as a disapproval against the reasons for the abandoned girl.

We must have heard seldom healthy reasons on why girl children are being killed before gaining life, after gaining them or left alone to feed on garbage, because I know its of no value, but I am trying to figure out the reason for the Malpractice against girl infants.
In Rajasthan and many other hindi heartland states there are more of girl infant mortality. this is mainly due to the less care a girl gets as a child and as a mother of tomorrow.They get diseased and carelessly taken care of easily because of their immunity and their strength to raise their voice. This is not the case with only the hindi heartland states but also in many other states in India. Girls are to work at home, girls are to carry a child, girls are for sexually hungry men, girls are for mental and physical harassment then why not a girl child?

I just want to say that girls are not a mere waste to be dumped or killed. They bring a new life for a new tomorrow. They persuade their younger ones to get one present state to future. They are not only a means to disaster or poverty if you bring hem up properly.

Please try and understand and bring an end to this. Please save girls before they extinct.I pray.

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Manivannan Sadasivam said...

"Girls are to work at home, girls are to carry a child, girls are for sexually hungry men, girls are for mental and physical harassment then why not a girl child?"

It's too painful rugma to read these lines...heart wrenching... female foeticide is something which disturbs me a lot...Its happening in many southern districts in Tamil nadu...My college mate did a documentary on this issue...we should create awareness on this issue through our best possible ways... I'm happy you did it.

Shravan this guest post idea is really cool. I appreciate you for sharing your space with fellow bloggers. Also loved your layout.

Keep up the good work friend :)

Shravan RN said...

about rugma's post, she will respond to you, and about the layout, thank u soo much, and about guest post, i am glad that you liked it mani :)

Pallav said...

Unfortunately, In India where we first worship the avatr of Durga and on other hand we kill thr Girl child.
Where we worship girl during Navaratras and parallelly we treat them like shit...
its very painful n disgusting...
even educated people dose like this, we cannot blame the illetrate people i have seen people who are holding such high post in society they got sick mentality, weird and rigid mindset..
it is painful n sometime, it compel u to think where we and our society stand...

zenana said...

I'm so impressed !!!

workhard said...

If it were not for women, then the circle of life would end...


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