Trusting That Which Is Yet To Come..

Trusting That Which Is Yet To Come..
-the author, Ayesha Parveen, is a awesome blogger, who i came to meet after i started blogging.she has been a source of inspiration for me. i love reading your blog ayesha. Ayesha's blog is here. God and eternity are her favourite topics. she writes well on day -to- day life's happenings.

Now that Shravan has asked me to write, I am going to write what I have learnt when faced with uncertainties and doubts about what tomorrow, or even the next moment, can bring for us.

As we look at life, individual or collective, we see a continuous pattern of change. This happens because the nature of earthly life is such. If we observe society, we see that many changes have come, for better or worse. A glance at our photographs from childhood, prove how much our bodies have undergone changes.

Since change is inevitable on earth, we know that tomorrow will be somewhat, or in some cases even drastically, different from today. So, why is it that most of us are fearful of what might come with tomorrow? Why are we, generally-speaking, afraid of the unknown?

Even a casual observer of life can see that there is a Mastermind behind this pattern of change who usually keeps the future hidden from us. Should we not trust that great Plan-Maker and thus trust in that which is yet to come?

Trust proves love and love brings about miracles. If we can trust the unknown, we are saying we trust God who determines the future. At the least, peace of mind is guaranteed for the present. And, at the most? The rewards are infinite and how they manifest in the future varies from person to person.

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Shravan RN said...

Ayesha, i am honoured. i am glad that you accepted my request and invitation, to do a guest post here, and i am thankful. thank you ayesha !

..Rugma.. said...

changes, that is what is the core of existance.....
and changes keeps us away from boredom...

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