The Pills And The Drops

yes yes yes, i still do exist.. i still do.. and life's issues took me away from blogging, and i hope i wasn't away for long.. and yes, i am back.. so what kept me busy.. its high time that i got a sound sleep.. the last time i had a peaceful sleep was February 11th. as i said before, i lost 5 days sleep due to the trip to temples, and then i reached back, and soon began the issues with life, some personal issues kept me burning midnight oil, and i had so much of topics to cover for college, and as i tried to do it, i lost my sleeps again, and the last issue, a worthy cause.. yes, its where the pills and drops came to my assist.

With college magazine's works going on, we had to interview a person here in my locality and it came good, we even had his videos shooted out. and then came the idea of doing a documentary. it can't be said as a documentary, but still i love to call it that way, and it was our first attempt.. to do a 30 minutes documentary from a 3 hours video was a tedious task and we did it. it was on the show yesterday at the inauguration of film club at college.

shooting was so easy, so fine. turning it to a documentary was a mighty task. initially i tot, it would be done just like that.. but as we sat and discusses, its tough face came revealed out.. and it took 42 hours for us to complete the editing works, and 2 nights sleep.. having lost my sleep from 12th of February itself, i was the one who got affected by this 42 hours work..

the poor lappy had to run a continuous stretch of 17.45 minutes running without a power off or a sleep break, so was our state, with my head aching and eyes closing, the only way i found to be awake is to take in pills, i have always hated using pain killers, but this time i had to, i wanted nit to sleep, and a single pill wasn't enough for me, 3 pills at a stretch i was on to stay all night long.

with my increased exposure to computers, its been long that my tear glands stopped working properly and it too became an issue.. with my eyes paining and no lubrication, it was feeling hell in my eyes, it was paining and i wanted to cry, i wanted to cry so that i can make my eyes wet and cool, i did everything to get a drop of tears out of my eyes, and i merely failed. i have always had my eye drop with me, i always keep it with me, it lubricates my eyes it wets my eyes, and one drop to my eyes each hour served my purpose.

and that is the pills and drops story.. about the documentary, well well well, as i said, it was our first attempt with just one handy cam and a computer, the video editing and sound mixing and everything was done from the same laptop with no help from any external sources, thanks to abhilash sir and prasanth sir, who too burned the midnight oil with us.. glad that the audience clapped in the end, though the show made them bored. hope to do better the next time, but i am not to sacrifice my sleeps any more..

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Jinju said...

Dude u really oughtnt lose out on sleep like this!! Just reading of ur sleepless nights and tearless eyes made me feel faint!

Shravan RN said...

:D i know jinju. its still the same with me, even now, sleepless nights !!

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