Meeting You

The 3rd of February 2009
-The author, Ambili, is my best friend, who has been with me for more than 2 years, who i hope to be with me forever and always..

...dates are one of the many things I just can’t remember. And I’m sure I’ll forget this one too…but what happened on that day…I’ll never forget.

It was a very warm night…and I was getting ready to say bye to everyone in my hometown. “Bye” has been one of the hardest words to say. I gave everyone a kiss and waved goodbye. The last thing I saw before leaving was my grandmother’s tears…

I got into an auto and left for the bus stand with a sadness of leaving my hometown but with a happiness of getting to meet my best friend before leaving…

I was to see him for the 2nd time. There came a message which said…’I’m in the bus stand...in the seating lot...seated in de last row...waiting for u...come soon...

N I reached…with a sweater in my left hand. A small bag on my right shoulder...n a big one in my right hand…mother walking right in front of me. I looked at him…just a glance...and then sat in the first row. So close...so very close…n yet couldn’t speak a word…but then thanks to technology…I could atleast message him. I really wanted to talk to him…listen to everything he had to say…a hand shake…a hug..!! But I just didn’t know how.

All of a sudden..something just clicked…I messaged him..n got out of that place…my reason being a packet of chips. I stood near a medical store just outside the stand..really exited about de fact that I was actually going to talk to my friend.

N then…he came..a handsome guy he was..lean…with a decent height…short hair..a weird sort of beard…a cover in his left hand which I guess must have been sandals that he bought after the day’s shopping before he came there. He came up with a smile..a real bright smile….a smile that I’ll never forget.
He stood next to me…we shook hands..both of us smiling…knowing not what to say. He spoke first..n then we talked…even the simplest and silliest thing he said..had so much love…n concern for me..n his words..his advices…I felt the presence of a brother…someone who found a lot of happiness in talking to me…someone who wanted to give away all the love he had for his little sister in those few minutes..
I talked to my best friend..my brother..he’s been the most important part of my life since more than 2 years. Trust me..even if I had a brother of my own…I wouldn’t have loved n cared as much as I care for my unnikuttan.

Then came the time to say bye…he wished me a happy journey. We had been holding each other’s hands for a while now…I really didn’t want to let go…but time was running out n I had to get back. Finally we let go…n with a painful n difficult “I’ll miss u..” we parted. The pain of separation from my dearest friend was rushing through me like cold fire…
I got back to my mother…n then got into the bus. I could see him from inside…the bus was about to leave…I felt like I’m leaving a part of myself behind…it was a very weird feeling…n the bus began to move…I saw him..one last look…he waved to me…n I left…saying bye with tears in my eyes…which I had a lot of trouble hiding from my mother..

On the way back home..i kept thinking of those few minutes..just about 2-3 minutes..that I spent with him. True..it was too short…but the memories of those few minutes..are enough to keep me happy…n feel that there is someone back in my hometown who really cares…n those memories will always remind me of him…leaving behind a joyous smile on my face…until the next vacations…
Yes…I’ll be there…n next time..i promise to spend more time with u…n we’ll have many more memories…memories that can give us company…for our entire lives..

I’m just reminded of some movie dialogues…which say..i found my best friend in my brother…or a brother in my best friend…but mine is something new…I found my best friend n my brother in someone I would have never met otherwise…I truly believe that this friend of mine…is god sent…as I said…I would have never met u otherwise..

Love u unnikutta..
Miss u loads da..

Thank you God..
God…oru request undu...iniyoru janmam undengil…enikkende unnikuttane ende ettanaay..ende best friendaay…koode venam..ennummmm…n I want him to have all the happiness in the world…not because he’s my brother..or my best friend…but because…he deserves it…he truly does..!!!

Lots …n lots of love..
Ettande swantham...

some explanations are provided in the comments section by me.
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Shravan RN said...

@ Ambili, thank you soo much for accepting my invitation to do a guest post and thanks a tonne for this well written post, i loved read it, though its about us..

for other readers, who may want some explanation,

the part from
"thank you god..;..ennummmm"
is written in malayalam, and for those who need it translated, here it is:-
Dear God, I have a request. if ever there is yet another life,i want my unnikuttan as my brother, as my best friend forever and always in it.

ettande swantham...
aniyathikutty means your own sister.

KParthasarathi said...

Your 'sister' writes extremely well and is able to articulate her feelings very nicely. May you both enjoy the fraternal bond and affection for each other for ever.

lakshmi said...

Wow Shravan................really very nice of this lovely sister of yours. With best wishes to you and your loving sister.

Subuhi said...

You're lucky to have found a sister in your friend when in these times your own flesh & blood fails to reckon your presence.

May her prayers come true.

Ayesha Parveen said...

Shravan and Ambili, thank you for this post. It is true that a genuine friend is a direct gift from Almighty God. My best wishes to both of you for a very happy friendship. God bless :)

DUBU said...

that was touching! this special bond between both of you is a gift that you will cherish forever... good wishes for both of you! :)

..Rugma.. said...

ambili does write well shravan.....
i understud that it was 4 u frm da beginning itself...
do let her know that she is lucky to have a bro cum frnd layk u!!!

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