Letting Go Of Love

let her go, let her go i,
with an aching heart...
cared i for her, like my beat.
she knew it, yet wanted to be free .
knew i, the tracks i transversed ,
never did i want that track followed.
yet the experience was to be made.
thus i let her free to have-
the experience of life to have,
with pain...
i let her free, though i care for.
i hope she be fine, she be safe;
for the way forward is polished..
let her free is not let her go !
with her i am,will i be ever !
and with me, i hope, she be ever..
live thy life, but be safe; for-
thee mean to me, my life.

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..Rugma.. said...

this is well written....
i am sure you tried visualising your self in such a situation because i can feel the pain in the words...
may God not bring you such a situation in life....
god bless you....

Shravan RN said...

@ rugma, thanks for the appreciation. between, its not an imaginary one :( and seriously its not about breaking up with some one. its all safe but still :)

Shravan RN said...

Hi Shravan,
I am having difficulty posting comments at some blogs. Please copy paste the comment from here.

Heart-breaking and beautiful. As I am reading this poem, there are tears in my eyes. It is so difficult to let go of someone we love; a part of us goes with them.


Jinju said...

Hey shravan, beautiful poem there! The words ring with genuine feeling, so much so dat i can actually feel ur emotion...

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