Let She Be Free

Let She Be Free
- Rahul Athilat, is my classmate, a football addict, he loves to write and he does write well, but he is not to blogging

let me do, what i need,
let me be unlamented,
prithee let me do,
deny me not,
for what i can do,
though you deny me,
i will be crucified
for that fact that
i am equal all men,
and you deny me not
for what i do-
let me be preserved
for i am chaste
that, even you kill me
i deserve it not
for i equal you
none put me on the -
adequate justice for;
what men do
that you dont deny me
let she be free...

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Shravan RN said...

Ayesha said :
"Good one, Rahul. You have written well on gender-equality. Shravan, thanks for posting this poem."

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