The Last Page Of My Note Book

This post is inspired by the community in orkut, the social networking website.. the community name is the same, "The Last Page Of My Note Book".

i have always been in love with my books last page, its where my heart speaks out, its where my poems come to life, its where the important notes i put down, its where i put down my address and phone no. always, its the place where i did the F.L.A.M.E test of my first love, its the place where i ended my anger, it is the place where i draw the heart symbols and wrote i love ..... and its the place where i calculated the percentage of my scores, its the place where i calculated my marks and its the place where i penned down my dreams, its the same page that i burned once..
it was my question bank in the school days, it was the page that my dreams once born and it was the grave yard of my dreams even, it was my replica at schooldays..

i wrote when ever some thoughts come in mind in the last page of my note book,when the lectures said blah..blah.. and blah.. i played games in that page, i draw in the last page, the rectangle has always been my favourite figure..my anger for others when ever happened, i shed it to my last page, i bleeded my book with blue inks, the page tore, i wrote my poem for her in the last page, i confessed about my mistakes in the last page and later burned it, i love the last page of my note book..

my books last page modified my writing skills, it polished my skills, it defined my soul and mind, it refined, the last page of my book, i am in love with it... the most loved page of all my books, the most varied existence of mine, different in different books, the real existence of mine, love the last page of my book..

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lakshmi said...

Hi Shravan
This is an interesting one.
It brings to my mind abt my school and college days (though in college days....notebooks used were rare)
True indeed.......the last pages of our notebooks reflect our true feelings.

Have a cheerful day ahead

A New Beginning said...

3 cheers to the last page:)

Shravan RN said...

@ lakshmi, i still have a note book, and the best page is the last page and i have blank pages than filled pages in the book...lazy i am to write.. good night !

@ A N B
thanks for dropping and the comments, both here and in Quilling in Blood., hoping to see you here again.. good night !

Jaanvi said...

very interesting.. it took me back to my college days... unfortunately being on computer all the time takes away that last page dish outs.

Shravan RN said...

@ jaanvi,
thanks for dropping in here.. and thank you soo much for the comment..

..Rugma.. said...

good thought...i always found it a risk to write, all what my heart spoke, in the last page of my book because thats the first place where my teachers and friends used to check....bt its releaving to write thoughts down....it really eases our hearts.....

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