-Lakshmi Venkateswaran(This Poem is on friendship, her favourite topic.) has the poetic craft with her.Give her a theme and you gain a poem.she is the one who always inspired me to write, showering on my blog with positive comments. Thank you Lakshmi, for accepting my invitation and responding to it on the same day. Visit her Blog here.

A relationship so pious and rare
A special bond one can share
Not related by blood yet they help you through
When turmoils and obstacles find their way to you.

This relationship is a prized treasure
No gold or diamond can equal its measure
God sent angels we call them friends
With them around we forget the bends.

So dears, value this precious gift
And never let it go adrift
For once lost you can never gain
Filling the heart eternally with pain.

Yet never feel the need to keep a pact
For friends seek not regular contact
Feel the friendship blossom from the heart
And rest assured good friends never go apart.

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..Rugma.. said...

hey shravan and hey lucky...
Shravan, very calm layout..and 'guest post' is a great thing that you have started...it helps other grow through you...
Lucky, you, as usual wrote very very well...shravan has wrote the right thing about you before the poem began...friendship is really great for many people....and this poem of yours will give them a special feeling...
Both of you take care and god bless...

Shravan RN said...

@ Rugma
thank you for the comment on the layout and for the guest post idea :)

about the guest, i have no word, as i have said it in the intro. and glad that you liked her guest post.

KParthasarathi said...

Hi Shravan,
Lakshmi's poem is a fitting tribute to friendship and a good addition to your guest section.

You come up with new ideas and let not the guest section impede your own interesting posts

Jinju said...

Sweet touching lil poem...

And Shravan, ur blog's new look just rox!!! luvd it... Really cool (and also VERY readable :)]... Gr8 going!

DUBU said...

that's a good one on friendship and a perfect picture to go with it! i visited Lakshmi's site. she writes wonderful poems!

i like this layout better than the previous one. :)

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