The Coffee Cup

for those who do not know, am a coffee addict !! i used to drink half a litre of coffee every day, yes, half a litre of nescafe is my choice.. so the coffee cup.. as you know, i am just back after the journey and now i have had a sleep, though not sufficiently enough to make up a six days sleep.. as said, i love to drink coffee..and with this trip my mom n dad has struggled to fill my need of coffee.. i loved the filter coffee of Tamilnadu. i really loved it, i loved the coffee cup there, a small cup and a saucer.. very tasty filter coffee.. oh man oh man, one cup was never enough for me..

we the four of the family sat together in all the restaurants.. we would have our food together, and when it comes to having a cup of coffee, the bearer would come and then i would order, "6 coffee."he counts 4 and asks " 6 coffee?" i say, "6 coffee", he would ask "6?" and losing my nerves, i would shout at him,"6 coffee, 6!!".. he would walk away confused and my mom would start laughing.. then after 5 mins he comes, and serves us the coffee, confused, who to serve with the rest of 2 cups, i then says to him, keep it here its for me..i drink all the 3 cups and it wasn't sufficient enough for me even then.. but a coffee costs 8 rs there, and thus a day, 8 *6=48 Rs , my dad has to spent for my coffee addiction. this confusion of the bearer was seen all days and we laughed our heart out !!

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Ayesha Parveen said...

Nice to read. I, too, loved a cup of good coffee but have given up taking it from 13 January, this year, due to personal reasons. It is good if we can stay free of any type of addiction. Best wishes.

lakshmi said...

Hi SHravan
welcome back
nice post
and as regards coffee
try it without chicory........tastes good.

..Rugma.. said...

i am a coffee addict....3 coffees a day...i am tryin to decrease it since i heard that its bad for health....:(
hmm...between, good dad...:)

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