Campus Politics

Though the title is "Campus Politics", i have drifted to many points, i have spoken of politics and my views..

Politics, has always been a topic of my interest, though i never write on that, though i hardly discuss, its just because, i don't want my words to be interpreted and modified and "i trust the word power i have".. Any how, its time that i post my view on campus politics.. Campus politics, one of the active happenings in colleges years before and now, its banned. why? what is there to ban campus politics?clashes between the different groups and everything has been there, but its the part of such organisations.. so when i say campus politics should not be banned, i say this too, bloody revolutions must be avoided..

and again, i say, campus politics must be allowed.. because, just have a look at our present politics a country with a population over 100 crores, and its sixty percentage being the youth and who rules us, bloody old aged selfish countrymen..the present politics we have, believe me, take my word, they care a fig about the country.. our country needs to develop, and for that, we need young bloods to rule and guide, irrespective of the political ethics they follow..what has the present ruling bodies done? A five years term they get, they give their words for new plans and proposals, and when they are to be executed, their term ends, in comes the next ruling body, and they ditch the developmental proposals of the previously ruled body, in the fear that the credit might go to them, and then they words new plans, and the fate still the same, and the we develop, two steps backward..

between, i was talking about campus politics.. OK, why campus politics, we need educated youth to rule us, people with long visions to rule us, people who care for the nation and not for their parties to rule us.. With the youth, all these are realized, they are educated,(educational qualification must be a criteria for ministerial post), they are fresh minded and can think positively, there is amazing amount of energy in them, to lead the nation forward, there is a nationalistic feeling in them, provided, they believe that we are to develop and get going in the world..They are disciplined and corruption free( a dream to come true).

Politics in India is to be refined and altered, let these old aged monk(ey)s retire and give way to the youth to rule.. and its in this context that campus politics gain importance.. one cant be a leader one day, its in born or it needs to be shaped, it cant the achieved in a single day, with campus politics, they learn to rule, they learn to understand the need of people, they learn to rule, and finally they gain the experience.. the youth, will definitely stand for them, the entire community, yes, i believe they will work, and rule irrespective of the ethics they follow..

Another thing, look at the present politics, a no. of parties, even parties based on religion and crap.. the political assassinations and murders,and do we need such bloody politics? isn't the present politics "old man's game show".. people who are to pray "ram ram" rule us, with no vision of developing.. just have a look at other nations, look at the age of the rules, how many nations can be found with rulers aging above 60? what else than laughing can i do? And what about the educational qualifications of the present rulers, with these statused people, how are we to fore see and a new and better India? how can we even dream of a better India?

i have drifted again.. i was saying about campus politics... Politics should be in campus, but not the party politics, they campus youth should know and learn to rule, after all, democratic our nation is, and how can we ban such democratic followings in an institution where in youth learns and develops? I am never on for party based politics at campus, i never intent to say that, but still campus politics should be there, for a new generation to learn to rule, to evolve and to develop, to have a strong hand to lead India the way forward.. With no exposure to the democratic principles, who are the youth to know what democracy is all about? yes, the youth is to be exposed and they are to be let know about things, then only there is hope for a better tomorrow and a better India..

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