and yet... 02 Feb 09

read the previous post first, or else you may not make this one out.

so close, so near and yet-
all my words heard and yet-
smiled face to face and yet-
smugged and laughed and yet-
a gentle tough and yet-
a stroke of hand and yet-
so close so near and yet-
fate played its part and yet.
saw, met, smiled and yet-
spoke not us, hindered all along and yet-
happy i am and yet-
a drop of tear in my eyes, and yet-
she left sadly and yet-
and yet, and yet and and yet-

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lakshmi said...

nice one shravan

the memories are worth cherishing and remain in our hearts forever.

good day to you

Shravan RN said...

thank u lekshmi, between you missed the one below this..

Ayesha Parveen said...

Yet I hope you get to talk with her. Cheers Shravan :) I can understand your case. Best wishes.

Shravan RN said...

@ ayesha, we met, we talked, between, seems like you missed that post.. there was a tiny post :)
here is the link :

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