only if the day would not end...

around thy waist my hands wound,
walk us down the sands, together.
hands crossed,shoulders clubbed,
in the waves we stand, together.
thoughts shared, waves counted,
the castle of dreams built, together.
played in the sand like kids and
marks made in the shore,together.
the sunset seen, the warmth felt,
smiled and winked at it, together.

with the darkness encircling,
the world drew closer and closer
the sea, the shore and then
within us the world confined.
in my hands you stood dreaming,
and i whispered in your ears...
with a heavy and aching heart
sweet heart, we are to part now.

-the credit of the caption goes to two people, to Sharika, my junior at school, for igniting my mind to find out a caption, and to Ambili, for modifying that caption to the present one. and finally i have broken the jinx, and finally i did write something that made me feel good. hope it does the same with you, your comments on this would really really be appreciated.

The Pills And The Drops

yes yes yes, i still do exist.. i still do.. and life's issues took me away from blogging, and i hope i wasn't away for long.. and yes, i am back.. so what kept me busy.. its high time that i got a sound sleep.. the last time i had a peaceful sleep was February 11th. as i said before, i lost 5 days sleep due to the trip to temples, and then i reached back, and soon began the issues with life, some personal issues kept me burning midnight oil, and i had so much of topics to cover for college, and as i tried to do it, i lost my sleeps again, and the last issue, a worthy cause.. yes, its where the pills and drops came to my assist.

With college magazine's works going on, we had to interview a person here in my locality and it came good, we even had his videos shooted out. and then came the idea of doing a documentary. it can't be said as a documentary, but still i love to call it that way, and it was our first attempt.. to do a 30 minutes documentary from a 3 hours video was a tedious task and we did it. it was on the show yesterday at the inauguration of film club at college.

shooting was so easy, so fine. turning it to a documentary was a mighty task. initially i tot, it would be done just like that.. but as we sat and discusses, its tough face came revealed out.. and it took 42 hours for us to complete the editing works, and 2 nights sleep.. having lost my sleep from 12th of February itself, i was the one who got affected by this 42 hours work..

the poor lappy had to run a continuous stretch of 17.45 minutes running without a power off or a sleep break, so was our state, with my head aching and eyes closing, the only way i found to be awake is to take in pills, i have always hated using pain killers, but this time i had to, i wanted nit to sleep, and a single pill wasn't enough for me, 3 pills at a stretch i was on to stay all night long.

with my increased exposure to computers, its been long that my tear glands stopped working properly and it too became an issue.. with my eyes paining and no lubrication, it was feeling hell in my eyes, it was paining and i wanted to cry, i wanted to cry so that i can make my eyes wet and cool, i did everything to get a drop of tears out of my eyes, and i merely failed. i have always had my eye drop with me, i always keep it with me, it lubricates my eyes it wets my eyes, and one drop to my eyes each hour served my purpose.

and that is the pills and drops story.. about the documentary, well well well, as i said, it was our first attempt with just one handy cam and a computer, the video editing and sound mixing and everything was done from the same laptop with no help from any external sources, thanks to abhilash sir and prasanth sir, who too burned the midnight oil with us.. glad that the audience clapped in the end, though the show made them bored. hope to do better the next time, but i am not to sacrifice my sleeps any more..

വെളിച്ചം || Light

another picture of the light from my home.. it seems like i am getting addicted to these kind of lamp pics..


ഇന്നലെയുടെ ഓർമ്മകൾ ഇല്ലാതെ,
ഇന്നിന്റെ നോവുകൾ ഇല്ലാതെ ,
നാളെയുടെ പ്രതീക്ഷകൾ ഇല്ലാതെ,
ആർക്കോ വേണ്ടി എന്തിനോ വേണ്ടി ...
മരണത്തിനെ ഭയമില്ലെനിക്ക്‌,
എങ്കിലും ഇല്ല ഞാൻ;
എല്ലാം എറിഞ്ഞു ഉടയ്ക്കുവാൻ,
ഹ! ജീവിതമേ നിനക്കു സ്തുതി..


-Lakshmi Venkateswaran(This Poem is on friendship, her favourite topic.) has the poetic craft with her.Give her a theme and you gain a poem.she is the one who always inspired me to write, showering on my blog with positive comments. Thank you Lakshmi, for accepting my invitation and responding to it on the same day. Visit her Blog here.

A relationship so pious and rare
A special bond one can share
Not related by blood yet they help you through
When turmoils and obstacles find their way to you.

This relationship is a prized treasure
No gold or diamond can equal its measure
God sent angels we call them friends
With them around we forget the bends.

So dears, value this precious gift
And never let it go adrift
For once lost you can never gain
Filling the heart eternally with pain.

Yet never feel the need to keep a pact
For friends seek not regular contact
Feel the friendship blossom from the heart
And rest assured good friends never go apart.

The Shop

Let She Be Free

Let She Be Free
- Rahul Athilat, is my classmate, a football addict, he loves to write and he does write well, but he is not to blogging

let me do, what i need,
let me be unlamented,
prithee let me do,
deny me not,
for what i can do,
though you deny me,
i will be crucified
for that fact that
i am equal all men,
and you deny me not
for what i do-
let me be preserved
for i am chaste
that, even you kill me
i deserve it not
for i equal you
none put me on the -
adequate justice for;
what men do
that you dont deny me
let she be free...

Letting Go Of Love

let her go, let her go i,
with an aching heart...
cared i for her, like my beat.
she knew it, yet wanted to be free .
knew i, the tracks i transversed ,
never did i want that track followed.
yet the experience was to be made.
thus i let her free to have-
the experience of life to have,
with pain...
i let her free, though i care for.
i hope she be fine, she be safe;
for the way forward is polished..
let her free is not let her go !
with her i am,will i be ever !
and with me, i hope, she be ever..
live thy life, but be safe; for-
thee mean to me, my life.


അവള്‍ പറഞ്ഞു,
ഇഷ്ടമാണെനിക്ക്‌ നിന്നെ, നിന്റെ ചിന്തകളെ, ഇഷ്ടമാണെനിക്ക്‌ നിന്നെലെ എല്ലാം.. ഇന്നു വേര്‍പിരിയുന്നുവെങ്കിലും ഓര്‍ക്കും ഞാന്‍ നിന്നെ എന്നും.
അവന്‍ പറഞ്ഞു,
ഇഷ്ടമാണെനിക്ക്‌ നിന്റെ ശരീരത്തെ, നിന്റെ ശരീരത്തിനു ഉടയാത്ത സൌന്‍ദര്യം ഉള്ളിടത്തൊള്ളാം കാലം, പ്രണയമാണെനിക്ക് നിന്നോട്‌. കണ്ടില്ല ഞാന്‍ ഒന്നും നിന്നില്‍, എന്റേടാകുവാന്‍, നിന്റെ ശരീരം അല്ലാതെ മറ്റൊന്നും.

Taking A Break

know not i where my words went -
know not i where my imagination left -
know not i where i transverse -
know not i where i be later -
know i this, am lost for now -
lost in my thoughts, and -
away from this world i go -
to change myself and my soul -
to be back, as they want me to be like !

adieu blog world, for a while, till i be fine.. will miss you all.. do come back here, and do support, when i am back.


-the author Jinju S is a budding, but not frequent blogger. I love her poems, and she is blessed with the craft. read her blog here.

Forever was meant
To flow on infinitely,
Like a million stars that sigh
On a lonely night,
Like the blue of a summer sky.

Forever was to be endless
As the serene splendour
Of a calm ocean-
Aeons lapping against
The shores of Eternity.

Forever was to go on and on
For miles and miles,
As far as the eye can see,
Like the golden sands of a blazing desert,
A never-ending expanse.

Forever was to fill up
Galaxies, histories, centuries-
And also our entire lives;
In short, forever was forever,
Or so I thought.

“Wrong!” Life cried in mocking glee,
Shaking his wizened locks,
Forever is but a broken view
From round a corner,
An illusive stretch that lasts
Until the next corner.”

With bated breath, I neared
The approaching bend in the road,
And indeed, beyond it I saw-

When You and I Pray With Our Eyes Closed...

Everyone goes to the temple to pray and seek His blessings. We enter a kind of trance before the deity, dedicating our very soul to him, our minds filled with thoughts and prayers. And what do we pray? God, let me win in tomorrow's exam, God take care of me and my family, God make my fly higher than my neighbour… the list is endless.

When we pray, in front of the shrine we stand, with eyes closed and palms folded; in a virtual world we live, conversing with Him, chanting His names and innumerable prayers. We never pray with our eyes open. We never look at Him when we pray. But WHY? He is crowned, dressed well, adorned with ornaments and every bit worth taking a look at and losing yourself in the sight. And still you close your eyes and pray. So who are you praying to?

Is not the "God" in the temple the embodiment of all human feelings like jealousy, selfishness, self-love and all other individualistic thoughts and feelings? So when we pray with our eyes closed, aren't we indirectly espousing the invaluable message that human life is not to be wasted away in base earthly desires and emotions? When we close our eyes in front of the beautifully dressed, good- looking, bedecked god, isn't that symbolic of the realization that all these are not the eternal truths of life? And its not to be forgotten that we close our eyes after seeing that all these stuffs are there in life.isn't that the expression of realizing the truth, that eternal truths of life are not these and are beyond the values of these?

When we close our eyes, we look into ourselves and realize what we are, realize what makes and defines us. Isn't that what we mean by devotion? Isn't that self- realization the essence of what we call 'prayer'? Praying to God means realizing yourself and your worth and the meaning of life; understanding that life is to be lived as He grants and that all earthly paraphernalia- thrills, wealth, fame,and so on- are merely nothing !!

I express my gratitude towards Jinju S, for the favour she did to me, for editing this write up and making it a better, a lot better, post than it was to be earlier, if posted.

Trusting That Which Is Yet To Come..

Trusting That Which Is Yet To Come..
-the author, Ayesha Parveen, is a awesome blogger, who i came to meet after i started blogging.she has been a source of inspiration for me. i love reading your blog ayesha. Ayesha's blog is here. God and eternity are her favourite topics. she writes well on day -to- day life's happenings.

Now that Shravan has asked me to write, I am going to write what I have learnt when faced with uncertainties and doubts about what tomorrow, or even the next moment, can bring for us.

As we look at life, individual or collective, we see a continuous pattern of change. This happens because the nature of earthly life is such. If we observe society, we see that many changes have come, for better or worse. A glance at our photographs from childhood, prove how much our bodies have undergone changes.

Since change is inevitable on earth, we know that tomorrow will be somewhat, or in some cases even drastically, different from today. So, why is it that most of us are fearful of what might come with tomorrow? Why are we, generally-speaking, afraid of the unknown?

Even a casual observer of life can see that there is a Mastermind behind this pattern of change who usually keeps the future hidden from us. Should we not trust that great Plan-Maker and thus trust in that which is yet to come?

Trust proves love and love brings about miracles. If we can trust the unknown, we are saying we trust God who determines the future. At the least, peace of mind is guaranteed for the present. And, at the most? The rewards are infinite and how they manifest in the future varies from person to person.


trying to be creative, that is what i did while taking this picture, its my own foot print at Dhanushkodi, Tamilnadu.. loved the truck journey there, nothing to see, but you should travel that 9 kms by the truck !!

Ceiling of Rameshwar temple

Had the bend my back down to get this picture caught. hope you like it !

The Coffee Cup

for those who do not know, am a coffee addict !! i used to drink half a litre of coffee every day, yes, half a litre of nescafe is my choice.. so the coffee cup.. as you know, i am just back after the journey and now i have had a sleep, though not sufficiently enough to make up a six days sleep.. as said, i love to drink coffee..and with this trip my mom n dad has struggled to fill my need of coffee.. i loved the filter coffee of Tamilnadu. i really loved it, i loved the coffee cup there, a small cup and a saucer.. very tasty filter coffee.. oh man oh man, one cup was never enough for me..

we the four of the family sat together in all the restaurants.. we would have our food together, and when it comes to having a cup of coffee, the bearer would come and then i would order, "6 coffee."he counts 4 and asks " 6 coffee?" i say, "6 coffee", he would ask "6?" and losing my nerves, i would shout at him,"6 coffee, 6!!".. he would walk away confused and my mom would start laughing.. then after 5 mins he comes, and serves us the coffee, confused, who to serve with the rest of 2 cups, i then says to him, keep it here its for me..i drink all the 3 cups and it wasn't sufficient enough for me even then.. but a coffee costs 8 rs there, and thus a day, 8 *6=48 Rs , my dad has to spent for my coffee addiction. this confusion of the bearer was seen all days and we laughed our heart out !!

Meeting You

The 3rd of February 2009
-The author, Ambili, is my best friend, who has been with me for more than 2 years, who i hope to be with me forever and always..

...dates are one of the many things I just can’t remember. And I’m sure I’ll forget this one too…but what happened on that day…I’ll never forget.

It was a very warm night…and I was getting ready to say bye to everyone in my hometown. “Bye” has been one of the hardest words to say. I gave everyone a kiss and waved goodbye. The last thing I saw before leaving was my grandmother’s tears…

I got into an auto and left for the bus stand with a sadness of leaving my hometown but with a happiness of getting to meet my best friend before leaving…

I was to see him for the 2nd time. There came a message which said…’I’m in the bus stand...in the seating lot...seated in de last row...waiting for u...come soon...

N I reached…with a sweater in my left hand. A small bag on my right shoulder...n a big one in my right hand…mother walking right in front of me. I looked at him…just a glance...and then sat in the first row. So close...so very close…n yet couldn’t speak a word…but then thanks to technology…I could atleast message him. I really wanted to talk to him…listen to everything he had to say…a hand shake…a hug..!! But I just didn’t know how.

All of a sudden..something just clicked…I messaged him..n got out of that place…my reason being a packet of chips. I stood near a medical store just outside the stand..really exited about de fact that I was actually going to talk to my friend.

N then…he came..a handsome guy he was..lean…with a decent height…short hair..a weird sort of beard…a cover in his left hand which I guess must have been sandals that he bought after the day’s shopping before he came there. He came up with a smile..a real bright smile….a smile that I’ll never forget.
He stood next to me…we shook hands..both of us smiling…knowing not what to say. He spoke first..n then we talked…even the simplest and silliest thing he said..had so much love…n concern for me..n his words..his advices…I felt the presence of a brother…someone who found a lot of happiness in talking to me…someone who wanted to give away all the love he had for his little sister in those few minutes..
I talked to my best friend..my brother..he’s been the most important part of my life since more than 2 years. Trust me..even if I had a brother of my own…I wouldn’t have loved n cared as much as I care for my unnikuttan.

Then came the time to say bye…he wished me a happy journey. We had been holding each other’s hands for a while now…I really didn’t want to let go…but time was running out n I had to get back. Finally we let go…n with a painful n difficult “I’ll miss u..” we parted. The pain of separation from my dearest friend was rushing through me like cold fire…
I got back to my mother…n then got into the bus. I could see him from inside…the bus was about to leave…I felt like I’m leaving a part of myself behind…it was a very weird feeling…n the bus began to move…I saw him..one last look…he waved to me…n I left…saying bye with tears in my eyes…which I had a lot of trouble hiding from my mother..

On the way back home..i kept thinking of those few minutes..just about 2-3 minutes..that I spent with him. True..it was too short…but the memories of those few minutes..are enough to keep me happy…n feel that there is someone back in my hometown who really cares…n those memories will always remind me of him…leaving behind a joyous smile on my face…until the next vacations…
Yes…I’ll be there…n next time..i promise to spend more time with u…n we’ll have many more memories…memories that can give us company…for our entire lives..

I’m just reminded of some movie dialogues…which say..i found my best friend in my brother…or a brother in my best friend…but mine is something new…I found my best friend n my brother in someone I would have never met otherwise…I truly believe that this friend of mine…is god sent…as I said…I would have never met u otherwise..

Love u unnikutta..
Miss u loads da..

Thank you God..
God…oru request undu...iniyoru janmam undengil…enikkende unnikuttane ende ettanaay..ende best friendaay…koode venam..ennummmm…n I want him to have all the happiness in the world…not because he’s my brother..or my best friend…but because…he deserves it…he truly does..!!!

Lots …n lots of love..
Ettande swantham...

some explanations are provided in the comments section by me.
your comment, if you wish to let her know, may be mailed to quillinginblood[at]gmail[dot]com which will be forwarded to her.

The Butterfly

this pic too is from my moms garden, taken long back in 2008 Jan, this picture is not edited except for a small crop and a convenient resizing.

This is the original picture taken,

I Love This Pic

This was my first picture taken at night, i love this pic for that reason, take 2 years before, from payyanur.. once again from the back up files i got this.

The Royal Elephant- Festival Pic

The image is not clear, the lens was not held in tact, my hand shivered and hence the pic, not that good :)


The Lamp

Once again a pic of a lamp, loved the contrast, it came automatically, the picture is not edited, but it is resized for making the image size convenient

and Fate Lost, We Won..

Fate has played its best part with us, making us , me and my best friend to meet for the first time on yesterday and not making us talk, and he was to repeat the same today.. but the fate of fate was to taste defeat, i talked to my best friend today, and i have no words to express my feelings..

sorry, i cant continue this post.

and yet... 02 Feb 09

read the previous post first, or else you may not make this one out.

so close, so near and yet-
all my words heard and yet-
smiled face to face and yet-
smugged and laughed and yet-
a gentle tough and yet-
a stroke of hand and yet-
so close so near and yet-
fate played its part and yet.
saw, met, smiled and yet-
spoke not us, hindered all along and yet-
happy i am and yet-
a drop of tear in my eyes, and yet-
she left sadly and yet-
and yet, and yet and and yet-

When Fate Played Its Part

Yesterday, o2 feb -09, i met my best friend for the first time, and here it is, what happened then..

A beep of phone and her position known
Walked I, past the crowd, behind her I reached.
Stood there, she, innocent, meek and mild,
Dressed in violet and white she stood
Near the post, listening to the beats.
The naughty look on her face, and smiles,
There stood my best friend, so close so near.

Hindrance all along, fate playing its part,
So close so near, and yet can’t talk...
Watched I, my best friend talking to her sister…
Occasional glances at me and smiles gifted
A humble listener she made to the instruments
Smugged at me at times and again smiles,
I read the happiness in her face…

Motionless I lay, content at heart, I saw her!
Yet a pain I bore, couldn’t talk to her...
Sat at the yard, I, watching the elephants,
The crazy kid in her, wondering and photoing…
Crossed I, her, gently walked past and smiled...
Happy and smiling I was, yet I could not smile at her...
Hindrance and fate still kept us apart…

Sat I, adoring her innocent looks,
An affection I possessed, a sisterly affect for her…
She walked down to me, so close and touched me...
Failed I to look at her, and sadly she walked...
Read I, her mind, walked and followed her…
Walked I, in the shade, and in the shade,
Not letting her sister to see me..

At the fare around the place, she reached, so did I,
Grown up, yet a kid there I saw in her…
Wandering and chatting, smiling and pleading…
Buying the balloons and laughing innocently,
Wondering about the things in display there, and
Again, occasional glances and smiles at me...
I too winked at her, bearing the pain…

Lost her trace in the midst, and then the phone beeped
“I am returning home, and I miss you”
stood I there, and said to myself,
“I too miss you kunjavaee…”
A drop of tear from my eyes, though smiling I was,
I couldn’t talk to her, but I saw her and watched her…
Love you my best friend, and the love is forever..

The Last Page Of My Note Book

This post is inspired by the community in orkut, the social networking website.. the community name is the same, "The Last Page Of My Note Book".

i have always been in love with my books last page, its where my heart speaks out, its where my poems come to life, its where the important notes i put down, its where i put down my address and phone no. always, its the place where i did the F.L.A.M.E test of my first love, its the place where i ended my anger, it is the place where i draw the heart symbols and wrote i love ..... and its the place where i calculated the percentage of my scores, its the place where i calculated my marks and its the place where i penned down my dreams, its the same page that i burned once..
it was my question bank in the school days, it was the page that my dreams once born and it was the grave yard of my dreams even, it was my replica at schooldays..

i wrote when ever some thoughts come in mind in the last page of my note book,when the lectures said blah..blah.. and blah.. i played games in that page, i draw in the last page, the rectangle has always been my favourite figure..my anger for others when ever happened, i shed it to my last page, i bleeded my book with blue inks, the page tore, i wrote my poem for her in the last page, i confessed about my mistakes in the last page and later burned it, i love the last page of my note book..

my books last page modified my writing skills, it polished my skills, it defined my soul and mind, it refined, the last page of my book, i am in love with it... the most loved page of all my books, the most varied existence of mine, different in different books, the real existence of mine, love the last page of my book..

Campus Politics

Though the title is "Campus Politics", i have drifted to many points, i have spoken of politics and my views..

Politics, has always been a topic of my interest, though i never write on that, though i hardly discuss, its just because, i don't want my words to be interpreted and modified and "i trust the word power i have".. Any how, its time that i post my view on campus politics.. Campus politics, one of the active happenings in colleges years before and now, its banned. why? what is there to ban campus politics?clashes between the different groups and everything has been there, but its the part of such organisations.. so when i say campus politics should not be banned, i say this too, bloody revolutions must be avoided..

and again, i say, campus politics must be allowed.. because, just have a look at our present politics a country with a population over 100 crores, and its sixty percentage being the youth and who rules us, bloody old aged selfish countrymen..the present politics we have, believe me, take my word, they care a fig about the country.. our country needs to develop, and for that, we need young bloods to rule and guide, irrespective of the political ethics they follow..what has the present ruling bodies done? A five years term they get, they give their words for new plans and proposals, and when they are to be executed, their term ends, in comes the next ruling body, and they ditch the developmental proposals of the previously ruled body, in the fear that the credit might go to them, and then they words new plans, and the fate still the same, and the we develop, two steps backward..

between, i was talking about campus politics.. OK, why campus politics, we need educated youth to rule us, people with long visions to rule us, people who care for the nation and not for their parties to rule us.. With the youth, all these are realized, they are educated,(educational qualification must be a criteria for ministerial post), they are fresh minded and can think positively, there is amazing amount of energy in them, to lead the nation forward, there is a nationalistic feeling in them, provided, they believe that we are to develop and get going in the world..They are disciplined and corruption free( a dream to come true).

Politics in India is to be refined and altered, let these old aged monk(ey)s retire and give way to the youth to rule.. and its in this context that campus politics gain importance.. one cant be a leader one day, its in born or it needs to be shaped, it cant the achieved in a single day, with campus politics, they learn to rule, they learn to understand the need of people, they learn to rule, and finally they gain the experience.. the youth, will definitely stand for them, the entire community, yes, i believe they will work, and rule irrespective of the ethics they follow..

Another thing, look at the present politics, a no. of parties, even parties based on religion and crap.. the political assassinations and murders,and do we need such bloody politics? isn't the present politics "old man's game show".. people who are to pray "ram ram" rule us, with no vision of developing.. just have a look at other nations, look at the age of the rules, how many nations can be found with rulers aging above 60? what else than laughing can i do? And what about the educational qualifications of the present rulers, with these statused people, how are we to fore see and a new and better India? how can we even dream of a better India?

i have drifted again.. i was saying about campus politics... Politics should be in campus, but not the party politics, they campus youth should know and learn to rule, after all, democratic our nation is, and how can we ban such democratic followings in an institution where in youth learns and develops? I am never on for party based politics at campus, i never intent to say that, but still campus politics should be there, for a new generation to learn to rule, to evolve and to develop, to have a strong hand to lead India the way forward.. With no exposure to the democratic principles, who are the youth to know what democracy is all about? yes, the youth is to be exposed and they are to be let know about things, then only there is hope for a better tomorrow and a better India..
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