What My Life Taught me

Life is not always about dreaming high and reaching nowhere, life is not always about wanting to do better, wanting to have a better tomorrow. Life is all about living it for the present, hoping for the best to open and not dreaming, its about working hard today and its about not lamenting about the lost past..

What you need in life is not always money,friends, and other materialistic possessions, instead what you need is the so called mental peace, the ability to face challenges in life and to pass the hurdles in life. And to do that, what you need is a piece of support, a piece of advice, a shoulder to carry you, a hand to wipe out your tears..

To live the life, what you need is some one to support you, to back you when you are down, some one who listens to you all the time and talks to you, some one who never guides you, some one who never tells you do that, instead some one who listens to what you speak, some one who says, do the best that you feel doing like..some one who says, you can do it, some one who never warns about the hurdles in your mission and discourages you, instead you need some one who fills you with the postive enery first, some one who gives you courage and some one who tells you that in this mission, you will have to face challenges and to win them i am with you.

And that is what one needs in life, and i would term that very piece as "Relationships". For one, it may me love, for one it may be friendship, for one it may be parental care and for one it may be the relation unnamed..

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KParthasarathi said...

Nicely said.I wish you get such a support from one and all

lakshmi said...

Hi Shravan
True indeed.....we all need someone on whose shoulders we can lean on, someone who holds the tears before it flows down...someone whose presence just says I am there for you.....someone who expects nothing in return for the love shared......
not many you need....just one would be enough.....a person who does not laugh at you when a thousand laughs but who is there beside you when you cry.... nice one
Have a cheerful day ahead.

Ayesha Parveen said...

Well-written, Shravan. With faith, we ultimately get what we want. My best wishes to you. Cheers :)

Amritbir Kaur said...

What beautiful thoughts! Indeed, there are times when we don't need someone who guides but someone who listens...more importantly someone who understands...there are times when we wish somebody could understand silence even, if it doesn't seem too demanding that is :)

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