To My Dearest

No apologies would solve it
The pain you bore
And the way u kept it
Bearing and not complaining
You lived and you live
Making me weep always
And you still smiling
Just like that 3 years old
The naughty kid like.
But now I realize that
You are grown and matured
Than I am, than I could ever be
Making me proud and
Making me weep together
You are the gem of my life
No apologies would solve it
The pain I gave u
The misunderstanding I had
And dear
Take my word
I will be there, with you
Always and forever
The eternal relation we have
Will live for long, eternal it will be.

This is not a poem. This is my emotional outbreak of mine, following the very mistake I did, for misunderstanding my best friend, for no fault of hers, and ambili, no apologies will cure the pain you suffered... love u, and I am proud of you.

But still i am sorry, please please forgive me, and i am really really proud of u kunjavee...

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Ayesha Parveen said...

Nice expression of true love and understanding. Best wishes.

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