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Do not know if i have said everything that i wanted to, but things were in my mind, a mixture of them.. kindly pardon for the typos, and shymechi, that you for the help.

A boy of age 13 confessed to his teacher, “Madam, I have done so much wrong this year. I won't be the same from tomorrow; I want to be good in all respects. The next day, he went missing and later a story came up that the boy had a business of discs that is, delivering discs to people even at school, discs which included every thing from music, movies and even porn.

Teenage, well is the most complex period in ones life. It is natural and genuine that teenagers think different, act different and behave different. Often teen-age is said to be the most crucial period in one’s life, as it forms his or her individuality, it designs their attitudes and from there on, their life begins. It's the same teenage that even spoils children. Teenagers dare to do anything, they smoke, they drink, well well well and what not. I am not speaking about the early teens here, but about those matured teens. And it's the same teenage where they get to know about sex, porn, nudity and the rest. The physical changes like growth, voice modulation, all these happen during the teen age. Right, I am not going to speak about those aspects, I have my intentions and I am focusing on porn, nudity and sex.

Porn, well teenagers do watch porn, yes … I mean it. One cant figure out a teenager who has not watched a single porn movie now, exceptional cases may be there. Speaking from my experience, I have watched porn, yes I have, in my early teen I have, and my friends too have. You can't complain. It's natural to know about sex, especially about the opposite sex. I have drunk, I have smoked, I have watched porn, and I have dreamt of having a girl for me, almost every one in the age does.

It's the same attraction towards porn that leads to many sexual abuses. In my view what happens to the other gender is a question that resides inside all teens, be it a boy or a girl. It's natural that they want to know, and it is under these conditions that sex education becomes important to an extend. Now sex education, as far as I am concerned, must be included in the school curriculum. I have heard people speaking a lot against it, saying it will mislead children, but I strongly oppose, it has to be in the curriculum, children have to know and ought to be provided with proper knowledge about sex.

Now, another question I have to face when saying this is, how can it be taught? Well, I do not have the answer. I know only this, teens are to be taught scientifically, or else they gain knowledge from other means, that is from porn movies, from magazines and sorts and finally they get it all messed up. Is that the way they are to learn? I know people whose mothers teach them that "sex is a sin". Is this the way to educate their daughters or sons for that matter? Isn't that making them sexually illiterate? Isn't that feeding on to them a wrong idea? Is that the kind of sex education that a teen ought to get? And I have had friends who refer to semen as fat and who say that masturbation leads to a reduction of weight as fat is being ejected. Is that the kind of knowledge one has to attain? Here, I am not of the opinion that the act is wrong, but getting addicted is wrong. Even science has approved masturbation as a way to control ones unbearable sexual desire.

Another common trait on the teens is the increased addiction to web browsing, in search of porn again, nude pictures and beyond that. Chatting, not very often though, even ends up reaching to talks on nudity. I have had a friend who taught me to chat, who taught me the emoticons, and later taught me the female physical anatomy. With the increased access to internet, this side of its application can never be rejected.

Coming back to sex education, I stick to my point, it is to be in the curriculum .teens are to be let known about sex, am not telling to teach them sex, instead I am saying, that let them be aware. I can't even think of a situation where a mother tells her daughter that sex is sin, where as she is supposed to make her aware about sex, make her aware about sexual hygiene. Similar is a boys case, for example the case of the one I told.

Again I will have to face a question, what if he or she is not educated? Believe me or not, he or she will gain the knowledge, from the ways I mentioned above, from friends and from other sources, and what happens then might be beyond explaining. Who knows if one gets a proper knowledge from one of his or her own age? I do not think that a teen will go and ask his or her parent about sex. So the only way to know is those ways, which quite often give an extrapolated, ballooned, and romanticized version of things.

And then comes, the issue of sexual abuse. Often those teens who are not aware of sex are abused more than those who are aware. I do not agree that teens are the only class or age groups that are abused, but the majority is teens. Denying their right to know make them so vulnerable that they can be abused easily. Not only abusing is the issue, the torturing and the mental depression they are to face are much more important issues. Recently, I read some where that, being abused in the early ages or teen ages are a key cause for the occurrence of homosexuals and lesbians and I do believe that it is one of the major causes, though reasons may me more to count. So it all leads to an emphatic point that sex education is quite important.

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lakshmi said...

You know Shravan...you do have an admirable courage........
A topic like this is probably in everyone's mind........but to put in words and to be read by public is not what everyone would even think of doing........same reason...they probably think it to be sin or that they would be misunderstood.........
I admire your thought about letting the younger generation to be well aware of the outcome and ensure they are not in any way endangered by anyone in this regard.

Shravan RN said...

glad that there is atleast one who dared even to comment.. thanks lakshmi, thanks worth millions :)

SindhuBhairavi said...

You are 19 yrs OLD?? u are OLD!! even aged dont have the courage 2 say these.. I wish such articles fall in the eyes of educational authorities and help the young generation from being mislead..

Shravan RN said...

@ Sindhu Bhairavi
yes i am a proud 19 turnin 20 soon :) OLD? me? :D and thank you for the appreciation, again, glad that you had the guts to comment

The Pink Orchid said...

wonderful post..and let me just say one thing..


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