Remembering Bestie

i want the world to know my best friend Ambili, the best person that i have ever come across in my life. what i am now, what i have earned, and what i have achieved is all because of her.

Quoted from Rugma, "I had a wrong perception about friends... I thought they would hold my hand through out my life... I thought that they would support me and stand with me when I am in trouble...Now I understand that they are human beings like me...... ...If I ever happen to see any friend who would never ever let go of a person, I know that it would be GOD himself... Every body else will drop us at some point of life..."

i proudly say, my ambili, my best friend will never let me go, she will always be with me, and as Rugma says, she is god then.

she entered my life, unexpected, with an e- mail, everything from that mail to what had happened is so special about her. She enter my life in the mid 2006, by sending a mail to an old id of mine, which i never used. and what is special about that is, i checked that mail id on that very day, found her mail, and replied her, still now i do not know what prompted me to log into that rarely used id on that day. and the second special thing is, the affection i felt for her mail, the way she typed the mail, felt like, a sister mailed to me, so sweet and childish..she entered my life at her age of 15th.

from that very day onwards, she has been in my life, when i was down, when i was up, when i was lonely and when i was in a crowd. she way she understood my words, the way she understood my silence and the way she cared for me, i have no words to explain.

today, Mr. KP asked me, how i was able to write well at this young age, i felt on top of the world when he asked me so, though i knew it was a praise and his kind heart to give me such a compliment. the reply i gave him was, my teacher made me write. But i must correct now, my best friend made me write.the mails we exchanged, the chat sessions we had, the appreciation she gave for two poems of mine, which i wrote merely for the sake of publishing in think.com, maintained my oracle foundation, made me write, he support she provided me with, made me a writer if i am any.

now why mails? i have never seen my best friend. yes, we have never met even when i am typing this post, she is unseen. the only ways we keep in touch now are occasional mails, very rare phone calls and texts.but earlier, we used to wait for ones mail, used to chat for hours and least phone calls.the changing schedules and busy life has taken so much of time from us, but still the affection, the care, and the love still remains as such.

this change of schedules, i have failed to understand and have fought with her many times, argued with her for not mailing me, for not giving missed calls to me, seriously, it was still there today, and now all settled, after all we are the best of friends.

the way she always behaved, has made me laugh even when i wasn't feeling that good, the way she flushed my sorrows, the way she brought smile to my lips, the comfort she provided me with when i was down, the hope she had and still has on me, the way she stayed in my life, after those useless fights, those intolerable offenses i have made against her, all those make her so special to me.

the life i live now, is the gift she gave me, if ever i am optimistic at any point, the credit goes to her. i who was a born pessimistic was changed a lot by my best friend. the support she provided me with when i struggled in my 12th, i cant explain. i have had a miserable life in class 11 and 12, i passed out with merely a low percentage against the hopes my parents had on me, against the ability i had, against the score i earned in my class 10th, to tower in to 90s and to fall to the 60s is never a good feelings. the mental depression it created, the pain and condition i had been into, it took me to a new stage where i even decided to give away my life. the reason for be being alive now is my best friend, he hope, the faith and the love she had for me, the control she has on me, and the comfort she provided me, i owe her my life, and the maturity she showed at those days, well that her speciality.

the childish ambili turns very matured and practical when speaking about life and living. the concept she has, the counselling she gave me, ambili, you are the gem of my life.the way she understood me, the way she stood my short temper, no one else can bear.the way she reacted when ever i said about death, just like how a caring sister would do.

to stay away and then to care, never to be seen and to trust, never to be bound by blood and to love, isn't that what we call eternal? the relationship i share with my friend is indeed eternal

for those who bend their nose on our relationships, its not what you think to be, she is indeed my best friend, my sister and everything except for a lover and a partner. i would define our relationship as platonic friendship. i would want this friendship with her to be continued till my life ends, and beyond that.

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Ayesha Parveen said...

Shravan, KP is right: you do write beautifully. I am glad you have the love and support of your best-friend Ambili. What I find best in your work is your referring the eternal. A true relationship goes beyond this earthly life. I personally believe in the cosmic family: whoever I love, becomes family to me.

You are a lucky person. May God continue to bless you. Best wishes.

lakshmi said...

Hi Shravan
that is a beautiful one
and a very nice tribute (if that is the right word) to Ms.Ambili.

Friends need not be seen, there is no reason for them to sit beside us, but their presence can always be felt. A good friend is always there beside us. They are a guiding star for us.
Have bright days ahead.

..Rugma.. said...

friendship is the core of life....for many!!!!
friednship is fun....for some!!!
friendship is equal to god...for you!!!
who knows what other people think about friendship!!!

you are lucky you have a best friend!!!!
god bless you!!!

The Pink Orchid said...

you are one lucky person to have such an angel as your friend :)

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