The Obnoxious Mind

(i hope that you read this completely)
Why does one get carried away with the emotional outbreaks once in a while in his life? Why does one be emotional, sentimental and reactive at certain times in life? Why does one take all his relations, whether it be blood-bound, choice bound or even cosmic, so close to heart?

Questions have been burning inside my mind for days now, ever since I had an emotional -sentimental breakdown. Why I broke down, is still a question left unanswered. Why isn't one able to accept and face reality that every one has their on lives to live? Why, at certain instances in life, one fails to be normal? Why does he never make out that the importance of him is limited to his bounds only and why is he never understanding that people can always be with him always and forever, making him feel the presence? Why does one fail to realize that they are still in his life, though silent?

Why at times, people lose the control of their minds? Why do they cling on to the aspects of love, care, possession, passion and sharing? Why do they fail to make out that though left unexpressed, the love, the care, and everything is still there? What else it can be than being Obnoxious?

Spoke the well dressed man who entered the stage hurriedly in the last moment, the audience clapped, they listened to him as if they were hearing a new theorem stated, as if they are witnessing a wonder happen. The man continued, love, care, and everything else are nothing but words, the world is not as you see now, the world is new, and its is not the new world. He paused, the audience clapped. He spoke again, his voice grew louder and clear. We need a new world, where real love prevails, where people understand each other and care for each other. His voice echoed, he said, now we take an oath here, that we will unite and stand for a new world. The entire audience stood up, and he continued, I will lead to the newer world, he audience clapped, and then, he took is gun from his coats' pocket, and shot point black on his head... the gathering stunned and left unconscious, none spoke and none moved..

Rushed in, four people dressed in white at the same instance and they climbed up the stage where the dead body was, then came a man, dressed up like a gentleman. He stood on the dais and said to the crowd, the dead man was obnoxious; he was mad and sick; he was under his treatment for last 12 years, and was missing for the last three days and the crowd couldn’t believe what they heard. They shook their hand in wonder.
...The Obnoxious Mind...

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