Into Trance

Death, once again has become my favourite topic.I do not know this poem conveys the exact meaning that i wanted to tell, i do not know if its clear enough, but still its here, penned for you all.

By the time clock ticks twelve
By the time the world sleeps
By the time a new day begins
I will be into trance.

Into darkness I walk
Into trance I sink
Into reality I glide
Away from my life, I go.

Lived with hopes and dreams
Wanting to fly to newer heights
The wings but burned and alas!
I fall merely from earth to hell.

Into trance I blend my soul
Face I not the world, but
The reflections in my eyes
And then burn myself.

In solitude I live with hopes
That you, my best friend
Will come to me one day,
Save me and together we leave..

Till you ring the bell,
Let me be in trance.
I wait for you to come and
To share the life with you.

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KParthasarathi said...

beautiful poem of a lover pining for his love

Shravan RN said...

sir i guess, you did not read the introduction part, its on death.and the final lines,indicate the waiting for his arrival.

saji said...

some thing nice

KParthasarathi said...

Ooops, I am sorry Shravan,I failed to read the intro.
Won't you please write on sunshine,joy,happiness and love?
You capture the thoughts so well in fine words.

Shravan RN said...

to write on the +ve things in life, i really want to do, but as of now, till this mood swing is cleared, the -ve aspects will be coming.personal issues "infected" a lil..

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