Hopefully I Live...

I am just trying to write another poem, where i am not the speaker and she is.

Know I, he is not mine.
yet cant accept the reality
Divine, i would term the relation i have
yet i fear if it ends up well.
To accept the fact is what i try,
but in vein, and i merely fail.

All his love shared and possessed by her
and still i desire to have them
Deep in my heart, i envy her
her, who entered his life at first
yet i manage not to curse
for i know, i love him.

Down the pavement i walk as usual,
visualising him, holding my hand in his.
Hell did bless and i found him walking.
I found him walking not alone, but with her.
happily and hastily they walked,
hand in hand, chatting and laughing..

Emotionless i go the way forward.
My view scattered by my tears
yet hopeful in life i am and hopeful i remain.
He is not mine in this life,
nor can i have him in this life.
But in the next life, i will have him for my own.

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lakshmi said...


have a great day

Jinju said...

Oye...do change the colour combinations on ur blog amd make it a little easier to read...its too much of a strain on the eyes!!!

..Rugma.. said...

hey shravan...
Well written....i liked it...but just read it 2 times more...coz you can change a bit more here and there...
Between....i think the line "she held her hand in his" is wrong...i think...i am not that sure...it should be "she held his hand in hers"....please do confirm it....otherwise its nice...

Shravan RN said...

@ lakshmi,
you have always appreciated all my works, and i am always thankful to you for always giving the +ve comments.

@ jinju, the color combinations, i know its a hard to read, but as of now, i am helpless, it takes a lot of time to edit and redesign again, and i am not having that much of time now, college works, i have to spent more time. sorry that i cant do right now, but suggestion, taken in account.

@ rugma,
you are right, but i use my poetic licence there..it should be the phrase as u said, bit i like it the other way. visualising is what she does, and and her wish is that he helds her hand, and not the other way,, hope u read me well, and its to be edited and modified here and there, later in the day.

thank you all, for liking it :)

Anonymous said...

nice poem dear
ders originality!!!!!!!!

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