A Confession

It was new year ,
partying at the beach
i was drunk
he was also drunk
i was shaking
he was not
i was not stable
he was
i was unstable
he stood on his legs
i was sleepy
he took me to his home
i was drunk
he also was drunk
i was drowsy
he was not
he laid me on his bed
it was hot
he removed my dress
i was alone
he slept with me
morning came
it was new year
i was still drowsy
he was not
it was cold
i was shivering
he gave me warmth
his heat was high
i was wet
he was wet even
i was lonely
he was with me

its new year again.
alone i stand not now
for that night gave me
him to care,
the little kid in my hand
a gift delivered year past.

02-Jan-'08 Update :
I was trying to write a dramatic monologue.
Dramatic monologue as defined by wikipedia "A 'dramatic monologue' is a type of poem, favoured by many poets in the Victorian period, in which a character in fiction or in history delivers a speech explaining his or her feelings, actions, or motives. "

'I' stands for a girl and 'he' stand for her boy. hope i have made the idea behind this work now.

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..Rugma.. said...

im sorry to say that i dint undrstnd ur concept....
is da "he" ur memories????
bt i laykd da way u presentd it....
da contrst on u n him was nice!!!!!

Shravan RN said...

rugma, i do not know if i succeeded nor now, i was trying to write a dramatic monologue, hiding my face and speaking through a girl.the "I", is for the girl and the "he" is for the boy so was with her.
i was trying for a different post, didnt quite manage i guess.

..Rugma.. said...

Wel ryttn yaar...bt a readr,ho noe dat u r a guy,must giv it a secnd thot 2 undrstnd dat da chrctr here is a girl....since u updatd it towards da end,its fine naw....
U r deviatin ur way of thnkin...n i lyk it..!keep goin..!

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