The Beggars

This is the changed that i have noticed to happen in the past one year. Till last year, i used to notice, old woman, old man, physically disable and mentally retarded people begging. I have often seem them beg for a living and since last year, there has been a drastic change.

What I see, often in the bus station, is a new tendency, child beggars and young "girls" begging. The way the children beg is beyond describing. They pitch you if you don’t pay them, they mock you, they hang on you shirts, they do not plead for money, instead they order, they are taught to do so, they are not natural beggars,( natural in the sense that, there is no other alternative than begging), instead they are created beggars. They are supposed to beg and earn money. I have often noticed beaten marks and wounds on their body though I never paid them. Seriously I never pay, for I do not find any poverty in them, for I believe that they are made to beg. and the girl/woman beggars, of the age which I assume to be from 16-17-18 to the mid thirties, dressed up for the sake, showing her assets and begging, carrying a kid on her shoulders, begging for money, and even trying to sell themselves, yes I mean it, I have witnessed it when a "girl" tried to sell her off.

They way they react when not paid are more than unbearable or intolerable, the language they use, and we need to make a new dictionary then. The way the walk, the way the cover their body, leaving open all parts to be covered and covering all parts that are not to be necessarily covered is nothing more than disgusting.

changes i have noticed in the so called natural beggars even, every week, on Tuesday, there would be a visit (rally) of beggars to my home, earlier my grandma used to give them all, 50 ps each, and then the 50ps got increased to 1re, and now, right now, they even reject to accept that 1re and throw the coin back at our face. I do not oppose, the deserved are to be helped, but when they react like this, who is supposed to pay them?

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KParthasarathi said...

makes pathetic reading.We see them everywhere.remote controlled either by parents or someone else their lot is pitiable and sink into theiving or flesh trade.We have not reached a stage when the government can provide succour and hence begging in public places is not made an offense.Good that you have drwan attention to this malaise.
Ther are many typos.You must use spellcheck before posting.
best wishes,KP

Ayesha Parveen said...

A nice write-up. If kids are made to beg and beaten for not doing so, it is the worse form of exploitation. Either NGOs or the government needs to look into the matter. Best wishes.

..Rugma.. said...

I support u...coz i dun pay eithr...here dey hold ur legs aftr a word of denail frm u....
da worst part is dat dey potray innocant kids to snatch money from us.....i thnk its totally bad!!!!
Its goin 2 b bannd.....back here in coimbatore its cumin into bein.....

Shravan RN said...

rugma and ayesha, thanks for the comments, i do hope, that this is put to an end.

KParthasarathi said...

Hi,nothing to feel apolegetic about.Just drew your attention.Sorry,I cld hv avoided it

rimna said...

first of all let me appreciate u for ur keen observation.In this modern selfish hippocratic world it is difficult to find a man who cares other fellowbeings.

about ur article,a rare topic and u have worked on it well. you have sited a common thing prevaling in our country.I have also noticed some "luxurious beggers"who begs just for pleasure.one third of the total children are being exploited.
anyway , nothing more to say ,you had done a good job.

Shravan RN said...

dear sir(KP), thank you for pointing out the typos and errors, i apologize for that. it was a mistake fro my side. actually, i hurried to post that article and i didnt have the patience to spell check, as i normally do. thank you for pointing out to me. the errors are corrected now, to the best i could.

thank you soo much for the support and appreciation that you have always given to me, and i hope for those to continue in future.
love shravan.

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