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A wanderer's life I lived till
all alone, all along, all alone.
A life so thrilling I lived till.
A materialistic lifer I lived.

Many entered, many left and many stayed,
still secluded, isolated and unlamented I live.
No binding memories, no love shared,
no care known, all alone I lived.

No nightmares no flashbacks no dreams
kept me away from the going.
Broken are the hurdles and bonds.
No maternal affection I possessed.

Left alone in the pathway of life
transversed I, with the current.
Faced, I the white face or world
all alone all along all alone.

No thoughts of mother haulted me
no soft feelings tempted me
no emotional outflows filled in me
I too turned materialistic with the world.

That night, drunk and drunk
I spent in the bar
the sedation of Bacardi on me
turned the mind upside down.

Rose those childhood memories in me,
the hours spent, watching waves,
the silly fights and games played
that heavenly affection my mother showed.

A flash of emotions in my mind,
decision made, back to home.
decision made, adieu cruel world.
Decision made, back to home.

The fury of emotions arose
from the grave I made for them
as I drove my car, drunk.
Miles to go the destination away.

Drunk, still drove the car and
the car braked and screamed
there I lay ripped in pieces
a flash of light fell on me.

The decision, back to home still burning
the decision unfulfilled while alive
fulfilled with my coffin reaching there
and my soul reached, alive.

Back to home I reached in my coffin, but
back to my eternal home I reached alive.

Participated in the poetry competition at college today, the theme to write was "Returning home after a few years". This is the rough copy of the poem I wrote though the original piece differ a little lot for this as I incorporated the theme to this, by a single line, "after years went past”. I forgot the actual ending of the poem, in fact I had reconstructed the lines from "...the fury of.... ....eternal home I reached alive."

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Ayesha Parveen said...

Beautiful words:
Back to home I reached in my coffin, but
back to my eternal home I reached alive.

Take care. Best wishes.

KParthasarathi said...

Very nice poem.I wish this one gets recognition in the competition.You have imagination and creativity of a seasoned poet.
Good luck

jassi423 said...


..Rugma.. said...

Poem worth appreciation..
Did the result come out..?

Shravan RN said...

ayesha,KP, jasmine, and rugma, thank you for the comments, the results are yet to be announced.

Jinju said...

Great poem, i must say! u sure deserve the first prize...

Shravan RN said...

thnx and thnx soo much for the visit jinnju, geethu told me about u :)

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