Why Suicides?

As usual, another bad news in the television news today, this time no medical ignorance,no terrorist attacks, no political wars and no other issues, this time the issue is the suicidal attempt of three higher secondary school students at my district, out of those only one survived.but why do these teenages decide to give up their lives, when they are yet to face real life( i admit, i am also a teen), i admit i have not faced any real problems in life except for those created by negligance or my own mistake.another thing is the death note they wrote down, they said no reason, except for the reason that no one is the reason for their death, and they three hail from finacially backward families, but that is not a reason to give up. .another thing is that, they are sympathetic.they have not forgotten to write to give their savings in their wallet for the needy. ( you may feel as if i am kidding here, but i am not, right now, i do not find any phrases to express, kindly forgive)

Why do people give up their life like this? why do they hesitate to face the problems in life? why do they give up this much easily? is this because we(inculding myself, the teens)are put on us the load of hopes? often cases has been reported where teens suicided failing to keep the hopes and dreams put on then. I Just cant understand why the so called adults, elders given to the teens that much of burden even when they are too young to face the challenges in life, i do agree, there is competition in the world, the world is extremely individualistic, we have to learn to live, and face the challenges, but dont we people have our right to live you younger lives as we like?

i too have failed to keep the dream and hope of my parents, i know, and i too have thought of giving up, suiciding and all, but thanks to the caring friends i own, thanks to their support, i am still alive, better than ever, hoping for a better future, though i now may not be an engineer as i and my parents wanted. i have none to curse for, my own negligence of the importance of academics led to my down fall, but still my friends backed me.. thank you guys, with out you all, i would not have been alive now.

between, i have beaten around the bush for enough now, but what i am trying to tell is the lack of frank and poen friendship these days, there exist none that one could trust these days.. the world has been that much contaminated now. i strongly believe, these suicidal counts would much low, and lesser, if the bond in family, in friends and everywhere else are strong enough to motivate, strong enough to back if there is any problem, if there is a strong relationship between two people, where there can be no secrets..

well, more points? comments are invited.

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lakshmi said...

You are lucky Shravan you have a good circle of friends who care for you.
The expectations and ambitions thrust on present youngsters is very high. Not able to meet and not able to compete they resort to the only thing they feel they can do...........take their lives.

A good friend is one who holds the tears before they fall to the ground. Tears are precious and so is friendship

Have a bright day ahead.

Shravan RN said...

good to see you here again lakshmi.i wish if the suicide struck your mind that the note about my friends.anyways thanks for the comment..
a good day to you too

KParthasarathi said...

Suicide is an act of cowardice and is no answer to the problems.One should have the courage to overcome.There are innumrable cases of successul people who were on the verge of suicide but over came the urge.

KParthasarathi said...

I posted a comment and it is not appearing.
Suicide is an act of cowardice and is no answer to the problems of life.There are innumerable cases of successful persons who were on the verge of suicde but overcame the urge by courage.On our part we the relatives and friends should motivate people showing such tendencies of depression.
A good post.

Shravan RN said...

thanks for commenting Mr.KP, i do comment moderation and hence it may take a little for for all the comments to be publish.(not more than 8 hours).

as i have to attend college on all days, i check the blog, and do the postings in the evening. thats the reason why it took time for your comments to appear, and now, till coming thursday, my exams are there and hence i will be checking on all noons.. hope u understand, hoping to see you here again.

thanks for the comment.

sneha said...

very interestingg
...like vijay said in Aathi, "if you hav the guts to suicide, then y not use that to face your problems instead!!"...hehe

Shravan RN said...

suiciding isnt the solution for any probs dear sneha. and ways i wish u had taken the issue in a serious sense.life is not that simple to give up just like that..

jassi42390 said...

hmm..well exactly..thats basically wat im saying too...suiciding ISNT a solution for any problems...but if you are thinking of suiciding.. then you'd rather use the guts to face your problems..

and i wasn't trying to be funny..
i just thought of tht scene when i was reading what you wrote.

and i thought i should say that..because i also think that suiciding is an act of cowardice and no one has the right to take their life away.

srry if it seemed like i was making a joKe.

Shravan RN said...

right... duiciding is an act of cowardice... and sir, do not say sorry to me :) thanks for the varulable comment ! hope to see you again.

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