Those Good Old Days...

As i lived separated from the joint famliy with my mom dad and brother at payyanur, it was always fun for me to be at home for the holidays, with the bigggggg family and to enjoy the live.

As said, i lived with "my family" at payyanur before shifting to here in last march.Payyanur is the place with gave me a lot of memories, i grew up from there, all my childhood and the most of my teenage life had been spent there. i am attached to that land like anything, payyanur has given me that much of memories, that much of hopes and that much of sadness. i loved the life at payyanur, my friends, the library the temple visits, group hangouts, everything i just miss these days..i would say, payyanur is my home town, i know all the nuke and corner of payyanur,those cycling hours in the town has taught me almost all routes there... if ever again in my life i get a chance to be back at payyanur i would certainly be.. i love the land, i love that atmosphere.. those good (g)old(en) days would never be back...

Those school days, the pranks we played, the combined late night studies for the 10th std exams at school, those friendship we possessed, those enjoyment and entertainment we had, those debates in the english hour, those cricket matches in the ground,the intimacy we possessed, those naughty jokes and comments we shared,the healthy competition we had in exams, everything just in memories,
those good old days would never be back again..

the friendship we possessed lives still now, all other relationships merely proving to a materialistic one these days..i mean it, materialistic relationship..our friendship rock buddies, miss you all, know that good old days will not be back...

when i sit and think now,these memories make my eyes wet. those memories are gone for ever.. relationships like this much of fun,enjoyment, committment, openness, and sincerity will be hard to come by in the days to come.. the more we grow, the more we become selfish.. i am no exception in this, i too may become selfish at times.. but still these memories are always great to cherish, to be lived in the hart for long.. guys i miss you all..

some names to be remembered always, it doesnt mean that others are secondary, but still these people are special.
Ambili, my best friend, my sister, my kunjava, for being with me when i was down, for always hoping that i will do better the next time, for supporting me, for helping me relive the lost life.. for bearing, for understanding even the silence of mine, for coming to my life when i needed a better friend.though unseen yet, you are my besy friend ambili..

Shinoy, Shamily and Vishnu, for being with me, Shinu thank you for those laughing moments and exams written together.. Shamily, thank you for always backing me, for staying as a better friend even after school day, Vishnu, now what should i tell? this bloody idiot has been with me ever since i start memorising things, from class I to this day, this guy has been with me, my best buddy, some one who i can always ask for help..

Ashwin, Vaisakh, Kiran, Rinto, Baldev, Jithya, Arun, Soumya, Ganesh, Pradeep, Gayathri, Neethu, Mithunraj, Sudhin, Yadhu, Sandhya, Unni, Jithin, Manu, Arjun, Nisha, Dileep, Navya, Pallavi, Deepak.. and lot more people..

now on family, as i said, i used to live separated from my bigg famliyy..i used to pray for the holidays to come early, to get some 5-6-7 days leave so that i can be with the big family, aunts, uncles, granmas, the kids, it was fun to be with the family...

never missed the biggg family life when i was at payyanur, thanks to my friends, and yeah, each and every break time, i visit my big family.. to play with my brothers and sisters, to enjoy my life, to be with them to feel the love and care of uncles, to be playful and bugging with aunts..

i always used to have the big brother position, as i was the elder most one in the younger generation, used to have my word in the family,used to be that teasing kind for mom, bugging her with my pranks, those good old days also will not be back..

the celebrations, the onam celebration, the christmas celebration, the vishu celebration.. these were my days of enjoyment, as i could be home on all these days, enjoying my life with all those who i love, the parting day was always the most paining one for me..my mood would swing, my interests would fail, my eyes would sink... i lose the self of mine and that hang will be there for the next 2 days, and at once back to the mass of friends, everything is the same again... that sad feeling, that was , that was.. i love that, it was filled with hope, hope to be ack for the next holiday, memories, memories of those days i had with the family...the vishu break was the happiest break for me, as i would ahve 2 montsh break and out of those 2 months i used to spent more than one month at the big home.. and how the home acquainted these much of people is still a wonder, a room for each family,mom dad n the 2 siblings in the same room, how many of us can think of a life like that??

now that we all got separated and the big home hosts only 6 people, my uncle and his family and my aunty and granma, now when am i going
to have those good old days back?
past was beautiful, present is good, what about future?

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..Rugma.. said...

future wil b gud shravan!!!
keep da flame of faith alive,...it wil help u gt through!!!

Shravan RN said...

i will rugma.. u too take care and enjoy, new year greetings to you and your family :)

mayur said...

Hello Bro,
Remember this...
Within You Is The Strength
To Meet Life's Challenges!
You are stronger than you think,
remember to stand tall.
Every challenge in your life
helps you to grow.
Every problem you encounter
strengthens your mind and your soul.
Every trouble you overcome
increases your understanding of life.
When all your troubles weigh
heavily on your shoulders,
remember that beneath the burden
you can stand tall,
because you are never given
more than you can handle...
and you are stronger than you think.

Recently i was visiting payyanur to meet an astrologer at jyotisadanam. Although i was given an appointment i couldn't make it cos i had to rush back home as my father got ill suddenly. I was a bit dissapointed, but on the way back i met this lovely family from payyanur who told me things and made me wiser. My father is doing fine now, i've decided to go back to payyanur during vishu with my dad. Definitely not to see the astrologer, but to soak in the scenic beauty of payyanur.
can you please suggest any places.

Cheers mate.

Shravan RN said...

@ Mayur


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