Remembering 2008

As i bid farewell to the year 2008, as i think about the past 12 months, a lot of memories flooding and i am finding it hard to pen them down now.An overflow of mixed emotions in mind about 2008. Yes, the year was one of mixed emotions for me, i had given me enough to laugh, even more enought o lament, a lot to memorise and cherish and a little so much to forget.. the year has taughtme new lessons in life, it has given me a lot many of new experiences...well let me try now.. what gave 2008 to me

no month my month date by date analysis, but still some months and dates to be remembered, february gave me time to be with my girlfriend, it gave me time to be me,and college was fine. march april and may were eaten up my the exams.. celebrated vishu with family, may be for the last time with the joint family, well that is for personal reasons.. and soon after vishu came the first years university exams and it kept me busy with my books, oh man that was hectic to be with books 24X7,managed as i had to and as i have a lot of hopes kept on me.

entered into the second year of college in june and july was of no fun. august was the same except for another visit to my girl friends' place..september was onam season and there was no fun...

october was funfilled with shijus engagement, visits to fiancee's place and enjoying a railway station date with my girlfriend.now dont wonder, it was so funny, she was going through my place from mumbai to back to her place and i agreed to meet her at kannur railway station.and what happened was, the train which was supposed to be at the station my 8 am on october 10th morning reached by 11.30 am on october 10th and i missed my class on that day.and how we talked was even more funny, she and i stood at 1 meter apart and called to her mobile and talked face to face, reasons were there for not talking face to face.that is about the station date.

in november nothing real happened except for another meeting with my girlfriend at her place, the visit to arts gallery there, in december writing exams and getting a complete 10 days break for christmas, another important thing happened was shailu's engagement, enjoyed the payasam of the feast.nothing much in december even. and now that ends the monthly analysis.

well what i learned and what i earned is a question to be answered now, or a question to be asked to myself.

i learned that life is to be lived alone, i learned that losing hope is not the way to live. living good means hoping good and receiving what ever lifes gives as such and enjoy every moment in life..i have learned that not all relations are kept close to heart, i learned that being me is not easy, learned that being committed is not an easy job as it seems but a good feeling to be in, to have someone to care for and someone to be with is a good feeling on earth, not discarding the love and care of my parents, ambilikutty, and other friends, all these have different meanings na?
i learned that hoping for the best is the best attitude to keep,learned that winning hearts is not easy.. i learned that i have a lot to learn again..

what i have earned is a bunch of new experiences, a bunch of new friends and a few betrayals, a lot of support and blessing and a lot a lot of memories..

what i have found new in life is a new inspiration, a new hope and a new aim to dream for..and in this year, another dream came true, my blog, Quilling In Blood first and Obnoxious Mind later and both now, my blog is my virtual existance, its a dream come true for me, and what my blog has given me is a new experience, that in the bloggers world, or the blogosphere, all are alive, no bar on age all are treated alike irresptive or all bars, i have always found support and encouragement from my co-bloggers..

2008 was a year of mixed emotions i said, it has given me sorrows even, some nasty quarrels with my loved ones, some fights still unsettled, some causeless arugments, some hearts broken for my odd behaviour, names to mention, the one fight i had was with sheetal, someone who loved me like a younger brother, someone who cared for me, someone who prayed for me to be good always, someone who made me feel what a elder sister's care is all about.. and why have i lost her? for my own mistake, for my own odd behavoiur, sorry sheetal, that was the worst period of time in my life.(i have mentioned the worst time in an earlier post).

hope the coming new year brings better things in my life, hope that i will have all problems solved and i hope the world will be in peace.

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Shravan RN said...

Ayesha, Sorry that i lost your comment,as i reposted this now, with some corrections and i wanted to bring this one as my last post for 2008.earlier i posted another post after this one. Now its all sorted. Hope you understand what i am trying to say.

Shravan RN said...

Ayesha Parveen has left a new comment on your post "Remembering 2008":

Beautiful post Shravan. It is so touching in places that there are tears in my eyes as I read it. You have correctly understood that life is all about hope and faith in oneself. Wishing you the very best for the New Year.

(i had backup in my mail for the comment)

saji said...

dear friend
can i expect something serious from u?
something experimental and outstanding?
can u try?

Shravan RN said...

dear saji,i do not guaranty my readers a bunch of quality posts.what i do is to try my best to satisfy the visitors.and on experimenting, i have been trying to do that, i have trying quilling a monologue which didnt come on good, i have experimented a rash drive for the blog, i have observed, though not keenly, my surroundings.. and i am trying to do more. it will be a better help, if you could explain me "serious, experimental and outstanding"

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