The Girl In The Bus

English exam was too boring for me. Did finish writing then in one and a half hour and then the teacher announced that i will be let out of the class by 12:30 only.and yeah, about the exam, did the drama part to the best of my ability and poetry part was worst.Nor did i know about the poems' contents, nor did i read the notes.thanks to my junior for giving me her notes to read.With out your book, poetry would have been even more tough for me. so as said, i had 1 hour spare time in the exam hall, i had my pencil and the question paper was printed at one side only. the vision of the girl in the bus came to my mind, and i noted down that visuals in the question paper. here it goes :

The Girl In The Bus

Dressed in red and white she entered
the bus, with a serene smile.
talking to her mate and then laughing'
i who watched went motionless,
In her looks i fell unconcious
the eyes crossed just for once
and the contact made
a glare of her eyes and mine..
a world of stories to tell in hers
but i could not read any
as i only saw sadness filled
in them, and not even tears.
but then heard the bell ringing
i got out and watched the bus
gliding away, with her.
that was only a mintues' admiration
of the angelic beauty she had.

it was 12:30 then, and i got out of the class room as well.aah well that was a day...

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