The Companion

Sitting in the visitor’s room is him
The companion of darkness,
Who I often feared but not now.
He has come to take me along,
To guide and walk with me along,
Through the unknown paths of live.

He has come to walk with me,
Not through the live that I live now,
But through the isolated path of life
That is to come after my death.

His face unseen and voice unheard
Yet so powerful to make me walk
All along, all alone, all along.
As I was along, I would imagine
How his appearance would be
And then visualize it.

His eyes so dark yet a smile on his lips
And I wish if I could smile like him now
For, it’s the last chance for me to smile.
He has come to take me along
To guide and walk with me
To the next life I am to live.

I see my life waving her hands at me
I see her bidding farewell to me
The life I had lived till now,
The life that I dreamed, hoped
Wanted and had isn’t mine now.
It has bid farewell to me.

The live I lived had given her place
For the new companion to own.
His waiting finally comes to an end
He is in the room now, with me.
Helping me pack the memories,
to carry along as he holds my hand.

He has come to take me along and
He is called by the name Death.

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KParthasarathi said...

Why melancholy thoughts,young man.It makes one sad.Leave it to old man like me. Write about sunshine,brightness and hope.You write so well.Have a bright day

Shravan RN said...

i have often been a pessimist. and the post, just trying to write different from the present ways i write.
and once again sir, thank you for the comment. so happy that you find to check the postings i do and comment. thank you so much.

..Rugma.. said...

Ur blog is goin gr8...keep up da pace...
Btwn,a diff idea..!n a diff rayt up..!
Nice poem...

saji said...

hi dear unknown friend!
it is realy interesting
now i think of my own teen age
at that time i was also like u!
a lot of similarities!
i can understand u now

Shravan RN said...

hi saji, belated xmas greetings, feel so good to see you here and to know that we have similarities with in us :)

hope to see you again here with comments,criti'ms n all...

new year greetings to you and your family :)

saji said...

Seeing Nikos Kazantazakis and all here, my friend I wonder! when i was an undergraduate i was full of him! and Gabriel garcia Marquiz and many...........

have you read 'Waitng for godot' by Samuel Beket?
if not please! you will find another world!!

Shravan RN said...

Dear saji, thank you for coming here again, and i am sorry to say that at present i do not have a library membership and for the past 6 months i have been trying to get one :(
once i get, i will surely read it.

Ayesha Parveen said...

Nice one. Death is inevitable but there is nothing to fear or worry about it. It is as natural as birth and growth. If a person leads a just life, is compassionate and honest, with death he moves on to a better phase of existence. Best wishes.

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