All Alone... All Along... All Alone...


All alone in my life i stand
All alone in my life i walk
All alone,deserted i live.
The love i have from all,
Another mask put on

All alone i stand and bear
All alone i live my life.
Your love a hope for me,
But proving to a mirage now.
All alone, all along, all alone..

Long for the love and
everyone seems busy.
Long for care and
masks put on.
all alone, all along, all alone
I live my life, unlamented.

Failed I, to know the fact,
that life is just like this
Forget I, the fact,
all alone i have to walk
all alone i have to bear
all alone i am to face
the world and the world.

All love a proven mirage,
Just a play of words and emotions
All alone i be in the live
i am to live unlamented.

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deeps said...

ohh yes, changing times bring about change in out look!
graduating from scribbling on paper to blogs!

it doesnt matter as long the purpose is served, isnt it?

and look, what you have come out with!
thats superb work yaar ..
yea life is like that!

Shravan RN said...

thanks for the comment..yeah life is like that.. just like that.. 1..2..3.. goo..

thanks for visiting again. and in between, as i do comment moderation, it might take some time for your comments to appear on blog. i hope you know why i said this now, you posted the same comment twice. kindly note that i have turned moderation on and give me a maximum of 8 hours to publish the comments..

thank you so much for the visits and comments, hoping to see you here again..
love shravan

..Rugma.. said...

u r really improin shravan!!!!
i noe dat,whn u strt raytin words jus cums out!!!!n da words r perfectly placed!!!

Shravan RN said...

thanks rugma, with out the comments and visits from people like you, i would have stopped blogging by now, these words of support inspire me to write, and if you find them good, credits go to you people only, for being with me, supporting and critisizing when needed, for always being there :)

new year greetings :)

saji said...

is this a poem.......?
u used to write poems?
but see now a days no one is writing poems and all...........
that is how the wolrd is changed
for the youngesters...........
in my teens it was not the situation!
gone are those good old days
dear friend!

Shravan RN said...

dear saji, you may call it a poem or not,at your will. infact that the outflow of my expressions..

and sir, i didnt quite read your comment, does that mean- Is this a poem?phew... or is it just a question? and about writing, i write about things i feel writing, irrespective or poem, atricle text, at times i arrange the lines in order and name it :)

new year greetings sir.

Shravan RN said...

and sir, past is past and there is no point in lamenting gone are those days.. things change and we need to adapt.isnt that the way to live? and the time to adapt, it depends.right sir?

saji said...

dear friend,
it was not lamenting in its true sense!
only a nostalgic feeling of the life which was grabbed from me by time! in this vast time and space my life and the period of life i spent all mere nothingness!
all forgotten and neglected for ever
after my life is over who will remember me at all!!!
even then we live and live lustfully!

saji said...

i asked is this a poem out of curiousity only!
no other sense!!!!!!!!!!1

Shravan RN said...

saji, sorry if i read you rong :( new year greetings to you and your family :)

saji said...

what do u think of life?
is it not lonely?
Even when we r in the middle of so many people we feel lonely...........and sad!
no answer!

Ayesha Parveen said...

Nice poem. I personally believe in God and know from personal experiences that if a person accepts God as best friend, then there is companionship deep within even when on the outside life seems lonely and almost no one cooperates. Best wishes.

Anonymous said...

nice poem
u should thank me 4 dis

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