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The summary of my trip.

My desire to visit my girl was on the high ever since my mood was lost. I wanted to be with her for some time and feel the care she has for me. and this dream of mine came true on this Friday and Saturday, we were together at her place, enjoying the romance within us.

I was supposed to visit Sree Vidyadhi Raja Vidhya Bhavan School at Kottayam to get the registration extract of mine and my trip was charted .I has my ticket reserved to Kottayam on 13th of November 2008 in Malabar express. That was an opportunity granted for me. Planned the entire program then. To finish my work at kottayam in no time and to leave to Trivandrum was my plan.And my mission at Kottayam was completed in no time and then happened the best incidents in my life, 8 hours with my girl in todays. It might seem for you, that just 8 hours, but believe me or not, it’s a very lengthy period of time for us. the distance between our place was well above 500 kms.
I am extremely thankful to Karthick, my friend who lend me his bi-cycle to go to the railways station to reserve my train ticket. Thanks to the Valapattanam Railway Station Master, what so ever his name is, for giving me the reserved ticket though I reached there after 5 PM. With out Mithun’s MP3 player I would have been bored in the trip, thanks to him for giving me that player with fully charged battery. I own my gratitude to Smitha aunty who gave me her Sony Ericsson mobile to take with me. Thanks to the cabin crew of Malabar Express, who delayed the train by 40 mins which made my stay at kottayam to happen for a lesser amout of time. Other wise I would have been bored. My sincere thanks to the principal of SVVB School who gave me the document in no time.

I set off from home on 13th evening 7.30 PM, thanks to Hariyettan who dropped me at the bus bay.then boarded the train my 9.15,S2-23 was the sear allotted to me and the there was a mess related to seating in the train and then I was given a new seat, S2-25.The train moved on and on and reached Kottayam by 5.30 AM, 40 mins late.Then had a coffee from there, burned my tongue. Then went out of the platform and bought the newspapers and sat at the seat near to the ticket counter and read newspaper. Feeling hungry went out of the station and took breakfast. Brushing was done from the train itself.by 8.50 AM went to school in an auto and met the principal and gave him the covering letter that I had with me. Then the procedures there was finished in less than one hour.

Reached back to Kottayaam Railway Station by 9.45 AM and the got my ticket to trivandrum central in Kerala Express,paid Rs.57 in the counter. And again the train was late by 20 mins. And my journey started. To my bad luck I entered in to the sleeper class compartment and was later fined Rs.320 to travelling in it using a general compartment ticket. Reaching Trivandrum called my girl and set off to meet her. On the way visited the ATM counter and took money, gave up carrying money with me since the last trip to Trivandrum as my pocket was picked then.

Got into an auto and went to baker’s junction, Trivandrum, then met my girl and friend there, had my lunch with her and the set off from there to some places. I was damn so happy to be with her, to talk to her and to feel her care and the same was her condition. But by 3.30 PM she had to leave. My stay at TVM was arranged by my girl at her friend’s home and he came to pick me up and then that day ended there. On the next day, set off with my girl to places, enjoyed the time with her and by 4,00 PM reached Thampanoor Bus Station, booked my ticket to Kannur and reached back home on 16th November, 7.30 AM.

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