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This time the spot of my romance was the arts gallery at Trivandrum. The paintings displayed there are awesome. There are two main divisions namely Sri Chithra Arts Gallery and K C S Panicker Gallery. The paintings on display are maintained well and descriptions about each and every picture was given in detail. I have been to the same arts gallery twice earlier. But this time I was more interested to see the paintings, and the reason well I am unknown.

This time I have figured out a new fact, do not know if its true or not, Raja Ravi Varma was a great painter I agree, and what I figured out in his paintings is that he is specialised in drawing eyes. Seriously, when you analyse any picture of Ravi Varma, the eyes are special. There is some sort of air and life in them. I felt as if the eyes were real and there is life in it and the most important and surprising thing I figured out is that the reflection of images in the eyes that Ravi Varma drew. In each and portrait he drew of persons, the most amazing feature I found out is the eyes. All eyes were different but had life in it, had reflections in it.

The display of Ravi Varma’s drawing stand also is an attraction there. Staffs are appointed to take care of visitors and guide them through. The painting “naked woman” is damn amazing, believe me or not, It caught my attention. But my girl who was with me was not allowing me to view that picture for long :P. Still I wonder how he drew that and if it was drawing without a model posing for him, that’s great then and if he had a model, the model girl was damn beautiful.

Certain other pictures that caught my eyes , do not know who painted them all, as there were painting from other painters also on display, are the paintings titled “Seetha Apaharanam” in which even the feathers of the bird was drawn with perfection, even the minute element of the feather is taken to its perfection. Another painting is the “Naughty Wind” where a woman is portrayed walking in the wind, and another painting is the one whose title I forgot which portrayed different dressing styles.

Another addition at the arts gallary is the mural painting section.as all know, in mural painting only natural colours are used and another feature is the dark colours used to paint.the mural paints often depict the pictures of gods and goddesses and they are mostly painted in colours like red,green,brown etc etc.. these paintings are ofter found at temples and other places of worship. certain paintings like this are displayed at the arts galary, which is indeed a treat to watch.

It was fun and romantic to see the paintings with my girl holding my hand and walking along with me, talking to her about the paintings, to see her smile, to see her walk, to hear her talk, to be with her, to care her to feel her care.. I just love the day..

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dhanusree said...

good blog.. itzz improving a lot

..Rugma.. said...

congrats 4 da taym u spnd wid her.....!!
god bless u both!!!

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