Violin Strings

Another beginning.. it was about to begin...another argument with my dearest girl...but this time, i didn't want that to happen..kept my mouth shut and words unsaid.. dear girl, just know this, your happiness mean this world to me, infact a lot more than that to me...what ever happens, believe me, we are not going to be parted.

Better not play the violin
If the strings are going to break
But I will play the violin on
I care not for the strings broken.

Let my violin strings break
Let the concord break and
Let the discord play
Let the notes be “not”s
And let the violin play.
Let the violin strings break

And then I have my veins to change.
Let the violin play on my veins
Let the music flow and play
Let the music go on and on
Till there is blood in my veins,
Till there is life in me.

Let the concord never be broken
Till my soul rests in me
Let the heavenly music go and on
Till the break of vein and heart.

Let the violin play
Let the music go
Let my love for you to live
Let my love for you to live

Let the past bother me not
Let the present bother me not
Let the future bother me not
Let my love for you to live
For the fact that I know you well
And that you know me well…

Let the violin play
Let the music go
Let my love for you to live
Let my love for you to live

And I know that it will live
My love for you will live
And we will live for love
Sharing all our love and care
Then our violins will play
Not along but in choros.

The love we share is true
Our love will live for long
The violin will play the music
The music with no broken notes
The music with a concord,
The concord of our hearts.

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..Rugma.. said...

nice work....
i hav heard people say "a touch of love makes a poet..."...
in ur case????i dunno....
keep up da good work....:)

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