Hurt !! But Got Over !!

You may be wondering,whay i did this post..i am also in a delirium,why i posted this.may be because i did want people to know such activities occur in our society,anywhere anytime and let unheard and untold only because of being haunted later on.

This is a personal experience of mine. But I do not know how well I am going to tell this incident to you, nor do I know if you are going to believe this or not. This is the incident of meeting a homosexual, I mean it, a homosexual, in the very same home town of mine, Payyanur.

This incidence happened way back in 2005, I do not remember the day n month, but it was a Wednesday, I remember that it was a Wednesday because I remember the uniform I put on, my white and white school uniform. Ok well. Let me come to the point. It was on that Wednesday that this incidence occurred. As usual I was on my way to school. The bus that I usually go to school was at the bus-stand and I boarded it, say in my usual seat. But Sooraj (namboori) who used 2 come by the same bus was not in the bus that day. The bus would leave the bus-stand by 8.05 am and I was in the bus by 7.55 am or so. Then by 8.00 am a man, a normal looking common man, who I guessed as a day labourer came and sat next to me. He then asked me the time and I told him. Then he said that he wanted to see if someone is coming to board the bus. As natural, I thought that he would be looking for his co-workers. Then started the whole issue. I had my bag with me, and then I had some books in a separate carry bag, including my record with me. I had kept both my bag and the carry bag on my lap. As I told, the stranger wanted to see if someone is coming and boarding the bus. So naturally he was looking out through the window of the bus and his palm was placed on my bag. It didn’t sound unusual to me.

After some seconds, he again wanted to peep through the window. I allowed him to look through the window as I thought he was looking for his co-worker. But this time, things started going in the wrong way. I felt some weights being put on to my laps and then I looked down on to my lap and I found his palm on my books, supporting his body as he was looking out of the windows. I just looked at him and he then withdrew. And then he started conversing with me. He asked me if I was in the college. Didn’t that sound a lil weird? Anyhow I felt so. I said am not in a college, but in school, Kendriya Vidyalaya. He should have recognised it form my uniform. And then again he started peeping out of the window, but this time the weight on my lap was much more and I found his hands scrolling through my bag. I felt damn bad. But couldn’t speak for a while. But then gave him a gaze. What you call that? An angry eye to one person? Anyways he retarded.

And again the same thing happened, he started gazing out, but this time it was just a mere act and this time I was feeling his hands crouching down my bag, reaching to my carry bag and sliding my bag and the carry bag to a side. His weight was being transferred on to me n I was trying to shake his body from my body. But while trying that, I knew or I realised that his hands had reached up to the zip of my pant. Do not know from where I got the courage, my hand fell on his face. That was a powerful shot. I didn’t know what happened then as I was in a shock. Just saw that man covering his face with his towel and saw his towel covered in blood. Then only I realised that it was an attempt to fulfil his needs on me. Then only I realised that I was going to be a victim of sexual abuse. But when thanks to god, I was able to get rid of being abused.

Couldn’t sleep well for some weeks after this incident. Every time I close my eyes and fell asleep, I was seeing his hands crouching down my body... I was seeing bloody hell in my dreams... How did I manage to get out of that nightmare? I do not know even now, but still the incident is in my mind, itched in blood.

The only person I told this incident was my best friend and I told her not like this, I told her like a mere comic incident and she laughed loud on it and so did it. Thanks to her, I didn’t think it over again and again, though that nightmare haunted me for long and still haunts me at certain nights.

Thanks to my parents and aarogyamasika, I was given proper sexual education and that only helped me to react I guess. Had I never been given the education, what would have been the scenario?

Just these questions to ask. How many kids get abused like this or in the other ways? Isn’t there an end to this??

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..Rugma.. said...

yes...der r many chldrn gettn abused...many r knowingly others unknowingly...who is to be blamed..?da society.?da people around.?or da parnts 4 nt givin thm enuf knowldge.?
God alone noes...

almitra said...

mr quill..
good that u talkd abt such an incident.

The Pink Orchid said...

good that you opened up monu..and i'll kill that bas**** if i get to know who is he!!

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