My Destiny

Thanks to my friend Vishnu K M for the title.Thanks to Rugma for pointing out the spelling mistakes.Thanks for the comment Rugma.. I corrected the mistake you pointed out now.
I wish, In this dazzling rain
my tears could evaporate..
If you could never see
The tears in my eyes
If you could never make out
The sadness that fills my heart
If you could just think and leave
That I didn’t love u with my soul…
If all my love for you could
Evaporate in this thundering rain
But everything just a dream
A prolonged day dream
My tears didn’t dry up
For the love I had for you was divine
And you never understood
Left alone in the rain,
I watched you moving away..
Happily and hastily
To reach the open hands
Of your new found lover
Tears rolled out of my eyes
Not for losing you, but since
You found a better lover,
A better companion than I ever was.
You turned back at once, saw my tears.
But you didn’t know the reason of my tears
For I was happy that you got a lover now
And for me, I got my destiny awaiting.

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..Rugma.. said...

"I wish, I this dazzling rain"
sumthngs rong!!!!
btwn,its touchin...good work....

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