The End is Indiscriminated

This one, may not be called as a poem though i tried to write one.. some 2-3 days back my friend rang me up and said she wanted my help and told me that i have to write a poem for her on the theme racial discrimination.. ahh... well... what a bloody topic i thought.. but still i should help that friend as i owe her a hell lot... and well i did take the trouble of quilling some lines.. well.. here i post it.. but me warned that it is not of the quality that a poem should minimally possess.. sorry friend.. couldn't do better than this :

The End is Indiscriminated

He is called as son or kid and
I am called as a boy
yet the blood in our vein is red.
We both, delivered after months of pain
And was alike till our births
Why after the birth this segregation
He as white and I as black...
Is that color that separates human hood?
He is superior and I am not
I am untouchable but
He reaps and feeds on what I sow.
He and I breathe the same air
Still I am black and he is white...

I a human and he a human
And still discriminated racially
Who did create the races?
What it I or was it he?
Yet before we open our eyes
To see this awesome world
We are ranked as boy and kid
I live the life of a slave
But he born with me,
With the same natural privilege,
Live the life of my master...

Who will put an end to this?
Will it be I or will it be he?
No... never... it wont be us
It will never be anybody
For all are afraid to break the rules
The rules of the uncultured past...
And if someone breaks the rules
The discrimination will reappear
In some way or the other way...
Yes this world will never change
For we can’t never accept the truth
That all are equal before the god...
Still we fight and kill...
Still we stay untouched and unheard
As if we rule the world...

But be warned of the mighty fact
All are equal before the Mighty God
We are born as humans with flush and bones
And we stay segregated and separated
But still be warned of the natural truth
Everything ends up as ashes and bones...
Though we live as boy and kid
As slave and master
The end is in discriminated
Yes indeed it is indiscriminated!!!

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..Rugma.. said...

hey,u told me dat u dint noe how to rayt a u did a gr8 job....jus dat u hav to takecare of certain comas der n it twice or sumthng n u wil gt it rayt!!!if sumthng else dint catch my attention thn im sorry....
keepup da gooood work!!!

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