Unlicensed Love

Found this poem on the internet.. just loved the lines... this one is for my girl... dear i love you soo much... never leave me alone and be with me always and forver.. love you like any thing...
Unlicensed Love

On a summer's day long long ago,
I fell in love and I'll never know
Just what it was that made me feel
So drawn to her, what the appeal
That set my pulses so to race
When e'er I gazed upon that face
Of one who was scarce but a child
Yet even then could drive me wild
I'll never know the how's and why's
I lost my heart to Hazel Eyes
But when I got that long sought kiss
I knew I'd found my Perfect Miss
My elfin girl from down the lane
And I'll never let her go again...

For how could I describe our love?
Romantic love, all hearts and flowers
No way to count the days and hours
Spent in self-indulgent wishes
And thoughts of long awaited kisses
Of sweet embraces, tender sighs
And gazing into love filled eyes
Oh yes, it is that kind of love...

Or, is it yet the love of passion
The ecstasy that knows no ration
That shuddering nerve-tingling feeling
The climax with your senses reeling
The wondrous joy when you discover
That sweet surrender to your lover
Oh yes, it's that kind of love too...

Or even yet a love that grows
One that cares and one that knows
That sees beyond the outer skin
Into the person deep within
That loves the spirit and the soul
The inner self that makes the whole
Built on trust and empathy
A love you know was meant to be...

The love we share is all these things
A love that has no need of rings
A love you never need to doubt
A love I cannot live without
A love to last us all our days
A love I'll share with you always...

- Jim Sharman -

A day's life... ah.. well !! that's a day...

Home - -

05:00am - Wake up/roll aruond a bit till 5:10
- Wash ups
- change for half an hour
06.00 - hits the books...half asleep
07:30 - off to the bus stop, talking over the phone
07:45 - wait for Baniyas
08:00 - in Baniyas bus (ticket: 1.50 concession pass)
- sit or stand for 30 minutes

08:30 - taliparamba bus-stand –
- wait for friends to join – some might come – some might not – stand till 9.10

09:10 - Sree Durga bus at stand.
- waiting….
- still waiting.. for the passenger to get down
- rush… rush…rush… in the back seat of Durga
- in durga for 15 mins..
- walk to college.. chatting with friends… - socialize
09:30 - enter college campus…
- curse the home works and work loads..
- Socialise
09:35 - Class room ….
- hey linz wazzup? He will be there waiting for others to come….
09:37 - to the make up room…
- face wash….
- up stairs.. water filter.. drink water.. back to class
09:40 - back in class
09:41 - standing in the courtyard.. commenting and chatting..
09:55 - first bell… enter class room…
10.00 - hareendran sir in class –drama hour-
- attendance.. numbers… call 26 loudly…
10:05 - drama starts…
10:15 - checks time.. its boring..
10:35 - yawn and blink.. talk to linz
11:00 - bell !! sir says see you .. off to canteen
11:05 - language hour.. phy students in class.. again cry 26..
11:10 - questions.. asking hamsa the meaning of words.. thank god no q to me
11:35 - class starts.. back bench boys say game on.. disrupts the class. Teacher continues
12:00 - bell !! in comes phy teacher.. interesting hour.
12:25 - hungry…sleepy.. yawn and blink.. caught.. out of class.. face wash and back to class
- still yawning
01:00 - bell !! lunch time.. no lunch for me..
- walks in class.. call my girl…
01:15 - up stairs.. water filter.. check for girls..back to courtyard

01:45 - bell !! electronics hour.. Praveen sir in class
- explanation for prev. class’ absence
- advice and casual talks
- attendance chill out no twwen’tyyyyy siiiiieeexxxxxxx….
02:00 - class starts… oh boring.. feels sleepy..
- still managing to listen..
- talk to linz..
- see what other people are doing
02:45 - english period
- attendance
- her dialogues and questions
- bored.. dreaming of her… omg!! Question comes.. answers pretty well.. thanks - for the open note book..
- teacher teaches.. I sleep on the desk..
03:35 - laugh.. sleep disturbed.. rubs my eyes and listens..
- last 10 mins
03:45 - bell !! teacher out of class.. pack up…
- feels tired
- walks out of class
- wait for rahul and linz and mithun… walk to bus stop
04:00 - bus stop… check girls
04:15 - fight to get into bus… reach taliparamba
04:30 - go home...

- - Home - -

- eat food
- watch tv
- Finish hmk
- sit's in front of book for some more time
- Watch tv.. swap channels while dining
- check email
- chat.. orkut… yahoo…
10:30 - editing orkut profiles
11:15 - lights off… upstairs.. in room… call her.. talk…
12:30 - put the fone down.. pray…rewind the entire day..
- sleep.. dream…

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