My first Crush, An Anecdote

My first crush to a girl happened when I was in class 7, that’s t the age of 13-14.i never talked a girl with much freedom till that very one sided affair. All my friends were aware of the affair and so was the girl, in fact the girl came to know about the affair after some 5-6 months, that too by our school truck driver, who overheard the conversation I had with a close friend of mine, and well, after that incident “the so called my crush” didn’t talk to me, nor did I have the courage to talk to her and face, and that affair ended there.
Now what happened during the period of affairs is that what’s interesting. I was never conscious of how I looked, but at once the one sided started for me, I changed my style of hair, gave it a new look and well, a total changed occurred in my character. And well, I became more conscious of my dressing and behavior too. But after the incident, that the girl came to know about this affair, I was totally dejected and down, as everyone would be I guess, and my teachers, especially ambika ma’m and jalaja ma’m noticed the change in me and kept on questioning on it, but I did keep my mouth shut. And in the next year, I shifted to a new school and so did the girl. By the way, we used to have a lil of phone calls during the affair period and I guess she never knew that I had a crush on her. And gradually these phone calls too ended.
In class 8, I shifted to a new school and so did the girl. And after 2 more years, I was getting frequent missed calls at my home no. and once I called back and that girl was on the other end. We talked for some time and put the phone down. After that incident, that girl was back in my life, as a great friend, still in touch, with a lot of phone calls, a lot of smses and missed call, a lot of chatting sessions and all. And now we make fun of each other saying about the old crush and have a huge laugh. I now thank that very friend of mine, for helping me to change from the shy character I had, for making me a better friend with a better ability to understand friends.
When I sit and relax now, thinking over the past, the best period in my life is my school ages, with a lot of friends, first crush and good academic profile, a total success in all ways, with nothing to regret for.That girl's name huh?? sorry pals, you gotta wait more.
Correction from the girl's side :
A copy of this article was mailed to that girl after publishing this here in my blog and she said me a correction. the correction is that, she came to know about my crush on her by our juniors and not by the truck driver.. thanks dear, for sharing this point right now.
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