The Human

He was a Toy Maker and
he did make a toy that day.
The toy of a mighty soldier
The arsenel of his toy was empty,
and he was bare-handed and naked footed
The Maker gave him life and strength
The toy was no more a toy but a living Human.

He had the Shields and Aresenel with him
but the arsenel was empty.
He filled his arsenel with love and care
But he couln't give it to anyone.
He went in search of a love
His heart was empty and mind was blank
On his way, he did find a stranger.
the stranger was a girl og youth.
She was looking good for him
His heart was filled with her thoughts
His mind full of her dreams.
But she left as a blistering wave.

He went in search of her again.
He found her in the deserted corner of the town
He asked for her love, He requested
her and welcomed her to his life
she came into his life, filled
his heart and now his arsenel was empty again,
For he gave all his love to her.
She came in, loved him and
made him complete, a complete HUMAN
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