Feelings, the poem i gifted my girl on our first meet, hand scribbled

This poem is the very out flow of my emotions and thoughts, when i was on my trip to meet my girl, my sweet heart, staying around 550kms away from me and this poem might make you feel that it needs to be censored for the language i used, but i think it need not be, since its my emotional outbreak and my feelings for my girl..

Those late night calls and talks,
those romantic deeds and needs,
those virtual hugs and kisses and
the special dreams of sharing and caring
sweet heart ,all these thoughts flooding on to me,
make me feel you deep inside me.

staying far and longing for a view,
longing for a vision of you,
a feeling of you yet to touch my real senses
all my senses wanting and waiting to feel you
I want to feel you,
come on and make me feel you
the warmth of your exhaled air
the smoothness of your lovely chin and
the salty taste of your sweat
come on and make me feel u .

longing to touch your cherry lips
wanting to feel your presence
waiting so long for you to come
waiting ,wanting and longing to feel you
I feel my senses wanting to feel you
I feel my hands searching for your lips,
my eyes wanting to catch your face,
my heart beating for you for long ..

I am dreaming to feel the warmth of your hug.
my soul waiting to be with yours
my body thriving to feel your love
how long need I have to wait?
how long will you stay away?
be mine and make me yours
lets be one in two
my senses waiting and waiting….
for u to lean on me
to feel the unfelt feelings from now
come on and make me feel u....
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