Lost Dreams

It was years before that he met her
Eyes in eyes, hands in hands
They walked through the alpine shades
His dreams filled with her thoughts
Letter exchanged, words unsaid
And dreams unshared
Yet they felt the love in their hearts.
A walk in the sizzling rain
Hours spent together with silence between them
Yet their eyes speaking for them
That was the love of older days.
Years went past everyone
Changes were seen all along
The “he” was no more, nor is the “she”
It’s I who exist now.

As usual did I woke up that day
As usual did I turn my computer on
I did find someone new
Appealing and looking good
I scrapped her a “hi” and
In reply cam e a “hello” to me
And indeed there started a relation
She was unknown, unseen and unheard
Still I was feeling the unfelt feelings
I knew I was falling in love

On a starry night, hugging my pillow and dreaming
Her beautiful face and lovely chin
Her swift long hair and twinkling eyes
All in my dreams..
I heard my phone rigning.
Yes, my dream was broken then
Losing my sleep, I sat reclined to my bed post.
Thinking about her
Her love and care had carried me
Through some hard times.
But she was unknown, unseen and unheard.

I took my quill and wrote
My words for her in a parch of paper.
I called it “my first poem”
I put it deep in my bookshelf
Years went past again and again.
On a morning, I lay awake in my bed
Feeling the warmth of the glazing sun
I heard my phone ringing again
Indeed I attended that call.
I felt my emotions rising.
My heart beating louder and louder.
I lay down in my bed, lost in thoughts
I now knew that “she” was a “he”
With a heavy heart, I opened my bookshelf
Searched for my first poem
I did find it deep inside the shelf.
I searched for my quill and
Found it with a broken tip
I searched for ink in vein
I cut my wrist and quilled in blood
“She” was a he and he was a cheat.
All my dreams ruined,
All my love wasted and
My heart broken
Disguised in a girls’ portrait
He was a cheat who broke my heart..

A change is always good to see
But not in the meaning of words.
The word lobe is pure and divine
And you know what it means.
Earlier love meant care and share
But now it meant just apass of time
The change you see is good for none
For it make feelings meaningless.

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