Best Friends

You entered my life with an uncertainty
Of whether to become my friend or not
Then u became my friend
Days passed months ended and years faded
Now you are my best friend
You are my sweet heart
You are the one that I am living for.
You walked beside me when I was alone
Your spread happiness in my mind when I was sad
You became my heart beat when I lost mine
Oh dear with out you life would have been different
But never this much good

You are special to me in your own way
And you are the one who loves me the most
Be yourself is what you told me
When I lost my heart in love
You never told that you love me
So did I never
But you were with me and
You said it with heart that you love me
I know, you love me more than I do love you.
you are my best friend in life
and you will be the only one in my life.

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