The Final Hope

Though we never speak now
You have touched the very heart of my soul
Your patience, love and understanding
Have carried me through some hard times
You have been here for me when I need you the most
Although you are a world away now
A light year times distance far from me
I still like you, I still want you

You were a friend of mine
The soul of my life,
And letters we exchanged.
You hold a place within my life
Unusual and unique
We shared ideals and special dreams
But now, we don’t even know each other
I picture, what I think you are,
You are to me and to my life
Perhaps you picture me
An interesting game for both of us
May be we don’t meet again.
I fear its time for me to go.
For that friendship we possessed
We owe each other a debt
A debt of love and care.

I feel I must thank you,
For making my life pleasant,
Though only for a short while.
We met by chance,
Became friends by choice,
But got out by fate.
But still I will remember you,
For only a single reason,
Your patience, love and understanding
Have carried me through some hard times.
You gave me hope when things seem lost.
You made me laugh, cry, listen and talk.
You made me think, with out saying a word,
In the vast world of silent talk.
You made my life worthy.
You made me love others,
Taught me the value of love and life.

It was you who gave me memories,
Memories which will last for ever
May my life fade away?
May I be ashes and bones?
Yet your memories will remain in my heart
As a tattooed picture.

Friend, I thank you,
Thank you for every thing and every thing.
You gave we a world to live.
A prayer to pray, that,
May this friendship live for long?
And may this never be broken.

But I failed to offer my prayer,
Curses fell on me and I lost you.
But I assure myself,
I won’t miss you in my next life.
I will pray all the time,
To get a friend like you.
I have now no hope on my life.
But still I pray to the death,
Please, please give me some more time
Let me make my friend happy.
Let me ask for forgiving me
For not being a true friend.
And let me apologize for once
And you can take my life away!

Dear friend forgive me.
I was always wrong in my life.
I was always a liar in life.
But now I won’t lie.

I like you, like you more than I like me
But it is time for me to be in all hail!

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